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American English: /nɛkst/
British English: /nɛkst/

Translation of next in Spanish:


  • 1 (in time)
    (talking about the future) próximo
    (talking about the past) siguiente
    I'll see you next month/Thursday
    nos vemos el mes/el jueves que viene or el mes/el jueves próximo
    the next Thursday she didn't see him
    el jueves siguiente no lo vio
    the matter will be/was discussed at the next meeting
    el asunto se tratará en la próxima reunión/se trató en la reunión siguiente
    I'll ask him (the) next time I see him
    se lo preguntaré la próxima vez que lo vea
    the next few days will be very hectic
    los próximos días van a ser muy agitados
    the week after next
    la semana que viene no, la otra or la siguiente
    I'll have been here two months next Tuesday
    el martes que viene hará dos meses que estoy aquí
    she died 100 years ago next month
    el mes que viene se cumplen 100 años de su muerte
    the hearing will continue Monday next [formal]
    la vista se reanudará el próximo lunes
    the (very) next person to speak will be sent out
    al próximo que hable lo echo de la clase
    you don't know what to expect from one day to the next
    no sabes qué va a pasar de un día para otro
    Example sentences
    • UK Coal says it will make a decision on Selby's future within the next two months.
    • I hope those who meet to consider York's future next month reflect on this salutary tale.
    • This code provided the model for all subsequent regulations over the next four centuries.
  • 2 (in position) I'm getting off at the next stop
    me bajo en la próxima or la siguiente parada
    the nearest station is in the next village
    la estación más cercana queda en el pueblo de al lado
    it's the next door on the left
    es la puerta siguiente a mano izquierda
    take the next turning on the right
    tome la próxima or la siguiente a la derecha
    Example sentences
    • Be sure to call to St Ita's Hall next Friday to place your order for the next batch.
    • As we laid our flower and moved away to make space for the next person, tears welled up in most of us.
    • You collect three of these cards, and you get a free large pizza with your next order.
  • 3 (in sequence) John's first and I'm next
    John está primero y luego estoy yo or me toca a mí
    who's next?
    ¿quién sigue?
    ¿a quién le toca?
    next(, please)! (at doctor's)
    el siguiente, por favor
    excuse me, I was or I'm next
    perdone, me toca a mí
    to be next in line to the throne
    ser el primero en la línea de sucesión al trono
    have you got the next size up/down?
    ¿tiene una talla más grande/más pequeña?
    I can take a joke as well as the next man or person, but …
    sé aceptar una broma tanto como el que más, pero …
    to be (the) next to + infinitiveyou're the next to speak
    luego te toca a ti hablar
    tú eres el próximo orador
    the next to leave were the Millers
    los siguientes en irse fueron los Miller


  • 1 1.1 (then) what did you do/say next?
    ¿y luego or después qué hiciste/dijiste?
    1.2 (now) what shall we do next?
    ¿y ahora qué hacemos?
    next, I'd like to discuss the problem of wages what comes next?
    ¿qué sigue después?
    now she comes to work in jeans, whatever next!
    ahora viene a trabajar de vaqueros ¡adónde vamos (a ir) a parar!
    bring you your food?! next you'll be asking me to cut it up for you!
    ¿que te traiga la comida? ¡después me pedirás que te la corte también!
    1.3 (the first time after now) when you see me next or when you next see me
    la próxima vez que me veas
  • 2 (second) Japan is our next most important market after Europe
    después de Europa, Japón es nuestro mercado más importante
    Tom is the tallest in the class, Bob the next tallest
    Tom es el más alto de la clase y (a Tom) le sigue Bob
    it's the next best thing to champagne
    después del champán, es lo mejor que hay
  • 3next to 3.1 (beside) come and sit next to me
    ven y siéntate a mi lado
    ven y siéntate junto a mí
    ven y siéntate al lado mío [criticized]
    we live next to the hospital
    vivimos al lado del hospital
    I can't bear wool next to the skin
    no aguanto la lana en contacto con la piel
    push the bed next to the wall
    empuja la cama contra la pared
    3.2 (compared with)
    al lado de
    next to him, most people would look small
    al lado de él or comparados con él, todos parecen bajos
    Example sentences
    • The link to go the the next oldest page of past reports has disappeared.
    • Some of these projects might never be completed, and no one can really say what will be the world's next tallest building for any length of time.
    3.3 (after) next to Madrid, Barcelona is Spain's biggest city
    después de Madrid, Barcelona es la ciudad más grande de España
    Example sentences
    • However, you may care to bear the existence of this book in mind when next you need a present for a bookish friend.
    • Euro 2008 might be good for Scotland, but would you use that as an excuse when next you dealt with the bank?
    • But CJ tells me I have to be nice to him when he comes round to mow their lawns next.
    3.4 (second) the next to last page
    la penúltima página
    I was next to bottom of the class
    era el penúltimo de la clase
    3.5 (almost, virtually) it's next to impossible
    es casi or prácticamente imposible
    I bought it for next to nothing
    lo compré por poquísimo dinero
    I'll have it ready in next to no time
    lo termino en un segundo
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