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Pronunciation: /nɪtʃ; niːʃ/


  • 1.1 [Architecture/Arquitectura] nicho (m), hornacina (f)
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    • Zeno built a tall wall with about 20 niches for statues of gods and goddesses behind the stage.
    • In 1549, Jafar founded Kudus Mosque and fastened the rock in its mihrab, a niche in the mosque wall facing Mecca.
    • The center of Schinkel's building also contained a large rotunda, modeled on the Pantheon in Rome, where statues of the ancient gods inhabited niches recessed in the circular floor.
    1.2 (suitable place) she's found a little niche for herself in the business se ha hecho su huequito en la empresa [colloquial/familiar] 1.3 [Business/Comercio] [Marketing/Márketing] nicho (masculine) niche market mercado (m) altamente especializado, mercado (m) nicho
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    • If this does turn out to be an Edsel moment for Ford Motor, it's about the only misstep Ford has made on an impressive drive toward recognizing and capitalizing on profitable niches in the truck market.
    • McCreevy's move last June to reclassify pick-up trucks also brought the niche market segment, which was undergoing significant growth, to a complete halt.
    • This gentrification developed a population of gentleman farmers who are interested in creating a niche market of a specialty crop.
    1.4 [Ecology/Ecología] nicho (masculine)
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    • At the same time, the various oral communities that live on the body are highly dependent on the environmental conditions that normally prevail within each niche.
    • Some early humans may have started eating meat as a way to survive within their own ecological niche.
    • The ecological role and niche of coiled cephalopods can be studied by considering the common morphological characters of these fossils.

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