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American English: /nən/
British English: /nʌn/

Translation of none in Spanish:


  • 1 (not any, not one) (referring to count n) I tried to get tickets, but there were none left
    traté de comprar entradas pero no quedaba ninguna or ni una
    any objections? — none at all
    ¿tienes alguna objeción? — no, ninguna
    none of us know or knows her
    ninguno de nosotros la conoce
    none of my suggestions was or were accepted
    no aceptaron ninguna de mis sugerencias
    we want none of your sarcastic comments
    guárdate tus comentarios sarcásticos
    Example sentences
    • He had hoped to receive parking permits for residents but none were forthcoming.
    • There were none, except perhaps the slight lift of an eyebrow as he noticed Cory's gaze.
    • It's beginning to build an activist community in a city where previously there was none.
  • 2 (no amount or part) (referring to uncountable noun) did you buy any milk? there's none left
    ¿compraste leche? no hay más or se ha acabado
    we wanted caviar, but there was none to be had
    queríamos caviar pero no había (por ningún lado)
    does she have any experience? — none that I know of
    ¿tiene experiencia? — que yo sepa no
  • 3 (no person, no thing) [literary]I fear none
    no le temo a nadie
    none but he would have dared
    nadie más que él or solo él se habría atrevido
    none but the best ingredients
    solo los mejores ingredientes
    Pearl's cream: there's none better
    crema Pearl: la mejor
    Example sentences
    • If Donie was the man of the match then there were heroes as well and none more so than goalie Colm Munnelly.
    • To my sorrow and sadness nobody recognized me and there was none to honour me as your lover at your gate.
    • Not only did none of them show up, but none sent me as much as a postcard of good wishes.
  • 4 (any) [criticized] (with negative) I don't get along with none of my family
    de mi familia no me llevo bien con nadie


  • 1 1.1none the (not, in no way) (with comparative) I was none the wiser after his explanation
    su explicación no me aclaró nada
    tampoco entendí nada con su explicación
    he looks none the better for his vacation
    las vacaciones no parecen haberle hecho nada de bien
    1.2none too (not very) (with adj or adv) she was none too pleased to see me
    no le hizo demasiada gracia verme
    they began the season none too confidently
    empezaron la temporada sin mucha confianza
  • 2 (US) [criticized]
    (with negative)
    it didn't hurt none
    no me dolió nada
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