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American English: /ɑdz/
British English: /ɒdz/

Translation of odds in Spanish:

plural noun

  • 1 (in betting)
    (proporción en que se ofrece pagar una apuesta, que refleja las posibilidades de acierto de la misma)
    bookmakers are giving or laying odds of ten to one
    los corredores de apuestas están dando or ofreciendo diez contra uno
    I'll lay (you) odds of two to one it doesn't happen
    te apuesto doble contra sencillo or dos a una a que no pasa
    by all odds (US) to pay over the odds (British)
    pagar más de la cuenta
    Example sentences
    • At odds of 16-1, and with White displaying splendid form throughout the first five days of action, it began to look like very prescient gambling.
    • Use of the Whipple Bumper is expected to reduce the odds of a collision to one in ten.
    • As illustrated by the odds ratios, the odds of rearrest for traditionally adjudicated offenders are two times those of drug court participants.
  • 2 (likelihood, chances)
    probabilidades (feminine plural)
    posibilidades (feminine plural)
    the odds were heavily against her winning
    tenía muy pocas probabilidades or posibilidades de ganar
    all the odds are in your favor
    tienes todas las de ganar
    lo tienes todo a tu favor
    the odds are that …
    lo más probable or seguro es que …
    to lengthen/shorten the odds
    disminuir/aumentar las probabilidades
    this increases or shortens the odds of …
    esto hace más probable que …
    esto aumenta las probabilidades de que …
    the odds on him recovering were never good
    nunca hubo muchas probabilidades de que se recuperase
    the pilot survived against (all) the odds
    aunque parezca increíble, el piloto sobrevivió
    despite overwhelming odds
    a pesar de tenerlo todo en contra
    Example sentences
    • In another, the odds against chance were calculated to be 10 11 to 1.
    • If this does not happen the odds are that the Mountmellick TD could be on his way out of Leinster House.
    • And when that happened the odds are that we would lose both the building and the local provision of services.
  • 3 (difference) (British) [colloquial]it makes no odds (to me)
    (me) da igual or da lo mismo
    no (me) importa
  • 4 (variance) to be at odds (with somebody/something)the two factions are still at odds
    las dos facciones siguen (estando) enfrentadas
    those two are always at odds with each other
    esos dos siempre están en desacuerdo
    it will put or set him at odds with his superiors
    lo enfrentará a sus superiores
    that's at odds with the official version
    eso no concuerda con la versión oficial
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