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American English: /oʊld/
British English: /əʊld/

Translation of old in Spanish:


  • 1 (of certain age) how old are you?
    ¿cuántos años tienes?
    ¿qué edad tienes?
    he's 10 years old
    tiene 10 años
    she's two years older than me
    me lleva dos años
    es dos años mayor que yo
    my older brother
    mi hermano mayor
    our oldest son
    nuestro hijo mayor
    when the children are older
    cuando los niños sean mayores or más grandes
    day-/week-old chicks
    pollitos (masculine plural) de un día/de una semana
    a month-old puppy
    un cachorro de un mes
    the house is centuries old
    la casa tiene siglos
    my two-year-old daughter
    mi hija de dos años
    a group of fifteen-year-/six-year-olds
    un grupo de quinceañeros/de niños de seis años
    she's not old enough to go to school
    no tiene edad de ir a la escuela
    you're old enough to know better!
    ¡a tu edad …!
    he's old enough to be her father
    podría ser su padre
    you're as old as you feel
    lo importante es tener el espíritu joven
  • 2 (not young)
    (less polite) viejo
    the bar's always full of old men
    el bar siempre está lleno de viejos
    her experiences had made her old beyond her years
    sus experiencias la habían hecho madurar muy rápidamente
    old people feel the cold more
    los ancianos or las personas mayores or de edad sienten más el frío
    to get or grow old/older doesn't she look old!
    ¡qué vieja or avejentada está!
    when I'm old
    cuando sea vieja
    Example sentences
    • The majority of those left behind are too young, old or sick to travel far.
    • The setting for the film is a beautiful temple on a secluded lake where an old monk and his young charge live.
    • Now we want all residents, young and old, to select a project in their neighbourhood and make a local improvement.
  • 3 3.1 (not new)
    a fine old wine
    un buen vino añejo
    a beautiful old table
    una mesa antigua preciosa
    it's a very old family
    es una familia de abolengo
    the old part of the city
    el casco viejo or antiguo de la ciudad
    we like to keep to the old ways
    nos gusta hacer las cosas a la antigua usanza
    the old country
    la madre patria
    Example sentences
    • It's built out of an old palace which has some of the most beautiful Buddhist art I've ever seen.
    • The new gravel road has been built parallel to the old tarmac Gun Park Road
    • Hidden in a narrow alley of the old quarter of Nice, one discovered it by chance or word-of-mouth.
    Example sentences
    • How many times do we need to see the same old arguments made and the same sources quoted?
    • These aren't the same old depressing allegations, no, this time the allegations are red hot!
    • You can resolve the same old problem with a new approach and make a breakthrough.
    3.2 (longstanding, familiar) (before noun)
    it's the old, old story
    3.3 (experienced, veteran) (before noun)
  • 4 (former, previous) (before noun)
    my old school
    mi antiguo colegio
    Example sentences
    • I got to know a little bit about it, at least the old Berlin of the past, through Benjamin's eyes.
    • One of its campaigns is an attack on asylum seekers, which recycles a old leaflet used in past BNP campaigns.
    • Today's feelings were sparked by me walking past my old primary school yesterday for the first time in ages.
  • 5
    also: Old
    (Linguistics) (before noun)
  • 6 [colloquial] (before noun) 6.1 (as intensifier) just wear any old thing
    ponte cualquier cosa
    come and see me any old time
    ven a verme cuando quieras
    she dresses just any old way or (British also) any old how
    se viste de cualquier manera
    we had a pretty dull old time
    nos aburrimos mortalmente [colloquial]
    this book is a load of old rubbish
    este libro es una porquería [colloquial]
    6.2 (in familiar references) old Bob here will show you where to go
    el bueno de Bob te dirá dónde tienes que ir
    good old John!
    ¡este John …!
    hello, old thing (British) lucky old you!
    ¡qué suerte tienes!
    don't forget little old me!
    ¡no te olvides del pobrecito de mí!
    she's not a bad old soul
    no es mala gente [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • I really fancy my guests having a right good old toast to my memory.
    • Get rid of the new-labour new-tory dictatorships and let's have good old democracy back again!
    • So, for this event, I cooked from just regular vegetables and good old ingredients.


  • 1 (old people) (+ plural verb) the old
    los ancianos
    las personas mayores or de edad
    (less polite) los viejos
    a singer who is popular with young and old
    un cantante que gusta a chicos y grandes
  • 2 (former times) [literary]in days of old
    antaño [literary]
    the knights of old
    los caballeros de antaño
    I know him of old
    lo conozco desde hace tiempo
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