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American English: /wəns/
British English: /wʌns/

Translation of once in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (one time, on one occasion) she almost left me once
    una vez casi me deja
    once a week/month/year
    una vez por semana/mes/año
    una vez a la semana/al mes/al año
    she only needs to be told once
    no hace falta repetírselo
    solo hay que decírselo una vez
    once was enough
    con una vez me ( or le etc. ) alcanzó
    never once did I ask them for help
    ni una sola vez les pedí ayuda
    once seen, never forgotten
    una vez visto, no se olvida
    once a thief, always a thief
    quien roba una vez roba diez
    bite 1 1
    Example sentences
    • The defeat means Sweden have still only once been past the second round stage since 1974.
    • Instead of delivering twice a day, including in the morning, it now delivers once, at lunchtime.
    • More than once Walt has caught her talking to herself when in fact she was speaking to Fred.
    Example sentences
    • It was a strange and eerie feeling riding through the near deserted streets of this once great city that I had read and seen so many films about.
    • The field was once part of a terrace of the Whitton Dene manor house and it seems that the trouble began when it was filled in with material to even it out.
    • Think of someone who was once young and vital, now old, battered, semi-literate and living off the social.
    1.2 (formerly) a health care system which was once the pride of the nation
    un sistema de asistencia sanitaria que antes era or que en su día fue el orgullo de la nación
    un sistema de asistencia sanitaria que supo ser el orgullo de la nación [literary]
    once I wouldn't have said anything, but now …
    antes no habría dicho nada, pero ahora …
    he's not as good as he once was
    ya no es lo que era
    the once magnificent church
    la que fue una espléndida iglesia
    la que otrora fuera una espléndida iglesia [literary]
    once upon a time there was a princess
    érase una vez or había una vez una princesa
  • 2 (in phrases) all at once (suddenly) at oncecome here at once!
    ¡ven aquí inmediatamente or ahora mismo!
    don't all shout at once
    no griten todos al mismo tiempo or a la vez
    don't eat it all at once
    no te lo comas todo de una vez
    no te lo comas todo de una sentada [colloquial]
    the book is at once funny and instructive
    el libro es divertido e instructivo a la vez
    for once
    por una vez
    once again or once more
    otra vez
    una vez más
    once again, I'd like to thank you for coming
    quisiera agradecerles, otra vez or una vez más, que hayan venido
    do that once more and I'll tell your father!
    como vuelvas a hacer eso, se lo digo a tu padre
    once (and) for all
    de una vez por todas
    (every) once in a while once or twice
    una o dos veces
    un par de veces


  • una vez que
    (with verb omitted) una vez
    once you get started, it's hard to stop
    una vez que empiezas, es difícil parar
    once inside the house, she felt safer
    una vez dentro de la casa, se sintió más segura
    once alone, he began to have doubts
    en cuanto se quedó solo, lo acometieron las dudas
    Example sentences
    • I will comment further on this once I have had a chance to fully digest it myself.
    • And who is there to offer support for the homeless once Christmas is over?
    • The Echo will publish information on the community petition once details are finalised.


  • the/this once
    una/esta vez
    I'm only going to say it the once
    solo lo voy a decir una vez
    I'll let you off this once
    por esta vez que pase
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