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American English: /ˈəðərˌwaɪz/
British English: /ˈʌðəwʌɪz/

Translation of otherwise in Spanish:


  • 1 (if not) (sentence adv) we must go, we'll be late otherwise
    tenemos que irnos, si no, vamos a llegar tarde
    you have to pay, otherwise they'll send you to jail
    tienes que pagar, si no or de lo contrario, te van a meter preso
    Example sentences
    • However, some families are calling a halt to the festive excesses and donating money otherwise spent on cards or presents to a good cause.
    • These have increased as the US downturn deepened, with subsidiaries in Ireland sending more money back than otherwise would have been the case.
    • According to the new regulation, I need to visit the police office to hand in the money; otherwise the fine will be 30,000 RMB.
  • 2 (in other respects)
    por lo demás
    aparte de eso
    she mentioned her marriage; otherwise she said nothing about herself
    mencionó su matrimonio; por lo demás or aparte de eso no dijo nada sobre sí misma
    there were some exciting moments at the end, but otherwise it was a dull game
    hubo algunos momentos de emoción al final, pero por lo demás or aparte de eso fue un partido aburrido
    Example sentences
    • Our lanky cat, who is two years old and in all respects healthy otherwise, is very skinny.
    • But what it is doing is totally alienating otherwise law-abiding citizens and turning them into criminals.
    • He seemed totally normal otherwise and expected me to be as well.
  • 3 3.1 (in a different way) he could not have done otherwise
    no podía haber hecho otra cosa
    no podía haber obrado de otro modo [formal]
    we all thought it was too dangerous, but she thought otherwise
    todos pensamos que era demasiado peligroso, pero no así ella
    they seem unable to express themselves otherwise than by violence
    parecen incapaces de expresarse si no es empleando violencia
    they believe they are right and nothing will convince them otherwise
    creen que están en lo cierto y nada los convencerá de lo contrario or de que no es así
    books must not be annotated or otherwise defaced
    en los libros no se debe escribir ni hacer marcas de ningún tipo
    unless otherwise agreed, payments …
    a menos que se convenga otra cosa, los pagos …
    3.2 (other, different) there are many problems, legal and otherwise
    hay muchos problemas, legales y de otro tipo
    the effects, beneficial or otherwise, will not be known until later
    los efectos, beneficiosos o no, no se harán notar hasta más tarde
    this applies to all children, legitimate or otherwise
    esto se aplica a todo los niños, sean o no legítimos or ya sean legítimos o no
    how can it be otherwise?
    ¿cómo no va a ser así?
    it could so easily have been otherwise
    las cosas bien podrían haber sido distintas
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