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Pronunciation: /ˈpækɪdʒ/


  • 2 2.1 (collection, set) paquete (m) a software package un paquete de software a package of reforms un paquete de reformas (before n) package deal acuerdo (m) global 2.2 (vacation) (BrE) [colloquial/familiar], viaje (m) organizado a two-week package to Tenerife (BrE) un viaje organizado de dos semanas a Tenerife (before n) package tour viaje (m) organizado package vacation o (BrE) holiday vacaciones (fpl) organizadas, viaje (m) organizado
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    • The peace and quiet of the North Coast of Bulgaria is a choice that many make based on its luxurious holiday packages, tour operators and foreign guests.
    • Lighthouse tours were included in my vacation package and I was in the mood for sightseeing.
    • To greet the Labour Day break, Shangri-La, the largest hotel group in China, is launching a special package for holiday-makers.
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    • Next to her place was a dry goods store where they still wrapped your packages in brown paper before sending you home.
    • Don opened the brown paper wrapped package slowly, and undid the tape on a box inside of it.
    • ‘Happy Birthday,’ she said quietly as she took out a wrapped package from her bag and handed it to me.
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    • Edelman is also hoping that the recent increases in the cost of a package and carton of cigarettes will keep some youngsters from starting the habit.
    • The Pica Limon came in a package very similar to Pico Diana; very small individual packets full of powder.
    • For years - decades, perhaps - every package of chopsticks I've ever seen around here has come in the same red wrapper.

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There are 2 translations of package in Spanish:



  • 1.1 (pack) embalar, empaquetar
    More example sentences
    • Avoid margarine, deep fried foods, and packaged baked goods.
    • The mixture is then poured into moulds for curing, packaged and transported to the MCC warehouse in Winnipeg.
    • Cut flowers could be packaged and transported in many ways, but mainly in flower cups, sleeves, boxes, bulk bins, pallets and containers suitable for air and sea transport.
    1.2 [Marketing] the product is attractively packaged la presentación del producto es atractiva she was packaged for the leadership le crearon una imagen de líder
    More example sentences
    • I do wonder when watching it how the entire two weeks living someone else's life is packaged and presented to us.
    • What's more, Chissick has come up with a most attractive way to package the revue.
    • The question is how do you present and cover and package news in a way that doesn't make people fall asleep?
    1.3 [Publ]encargarse de la producción de un libro
    More example sentences
    • The reader who buys his book will get a readable translation and a neatly packaged one - that's, one that's self-contained and told in the form of a continuous story.
    • Fortunately, the best articles of that era have been packaged into a new book edited by George Curry, editor of Emerge from 1993 to 2000.
    • The new book is similarly packaged but is much more limited in scope.

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