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pass 1

American English: /pæs/
British English: /pɑːs/

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (go by, past)
    pasar por
    you'll pass the station on your left
    vas a pasar por la estación, a mano izquierda
    I passed him in the street this morning
    esta mañana me crucé con él en la calle
    she passed me without saying a word
    pasó de largo por mi lado sin decirme una palabra
    not a drop has passed my lips
    no he bebido ni gota
    Example sentences
    • A shiver passed along her body.
    • You travel along the coast and have some great views of the scenery, passing through several towns along the way.
    • Geoff said people will get the best view at about midnight each night when Mars passes directly overhead.
    Example sentences
    • Whenever I pass the old drive-in cinema south of the Heavitree Gap, I get a melancholy feeling.
    • All drivers have to do to pass each other safely is to stay on their side of the road.
    • We passed the Greenbank station and went down to the railroads shops just a mile or two down the road.
    1.2 (overtake) he'll try to pass us on this bend
    nos va a querer pasar or (se) nos va a querer adelantar en esta curva
    Example sentences
    • Changes in the market started way back when the Nasdaq passed its peak last year.
    • At some point the limit of acceptable risk has been passed.
    • On the plus side the group has already passed its peak capital investment on the network.
  • 3 3.1 (convey, hand over)to pass somebody something, to pass something to somebody
    pasarle algo a alguien
    pass (me) the sugar, please
    ¿me pasas el azúcar, por favor?
    pass me up the hammer
    pásame or alcánzame el martillo
    the document was passed around the table
    el documento circuló por la mesa
    they passed the buckets along the line
    pasaron los baldes de mano en mano a lo largo de la fila
    your papers have been passed to me
    me han pasado tus papeles
    Example sentences
    • If you're fed up paying too much for petrol, please pass this message on.
    • Will you please pass the salt, I don't think these French fries were salted.
    • Please pass this information on to anyone you know who may be interested.
    3.2 (Sport)
    Example sentences
    • Everybody wants to dunk and showboat, but few can make free throws or pass the ball.
    • But Todd was disappointed with only a point and felt his side should have passed the ball a lot better.
    • The game starts and the ball is passed from player to player.
    3.3 (Law)
    (forged banknotes)
    Example sentences
    • One of my earlier cases was investigating a bad cheque that had been passed at a local merchant.
    • When the FBI grabs him for passing counterfeit money, he cuts a deal.
    • She was given community service after admitting passing counterfeit currency.
  • 4 (move) she passed the cloth over the table
    pasó el trapo por la mesa
    pass a warm iron over it
    pásale una plancha tibia
    he passed his hand across his face
    se pasó la mano por la cara
  • 5 (spend)
    to pass the time (away) we played cards to pass the time
    jugamos a las cartas para pasar el rato
    to pass the time of day with somebody
    intercambiar algunas palabras con alguien
    they passed many a happy hour there
    pasaron muchas horas felices allí
    Example sentences
    • The villagers pass the long winter nights by listening to stories.
    • Without television, radio, or books, the bath was one way to pass the cold winter days.
    • When I was awake I passed the time by munching on bags of sweets.
  • 6 6.1 (succeed in) all our products have to pass a rigorous inspection
    todos nuestros productos son sometidos a una rigurosa inspección
    it passes all the safety requirements
    cumple con todos los requisitos de seguridad
    Example sentences
    • There is an intense pressure on them to be successful - to pass exams and tests.
    • Applicants must pass a written test.
    • Every two years they have to take a refresher course and pass the test.
    6.2 (approve)
    he was passed fit for military service
    fue declarado apto para el servicio militar
    Example sentences
    • I have a license with the Nevada State Athletic Commission and they have passed me fit to box.
    • In fact, if he is passed fit to play following his ankle ligament injury, he will suffer from a serious lack of match fitness.
    • He was passed fit to ride by the doctor on Saturday morning.
    Example sentences
    • In our system of government, he said, the legislature passes laws and then the executive interprets them.
    • Laws are passed with retrospective effect, late at night with bipartisan support and virtually no debate.
    • Laws are passed by legislatures on the basis of necessity, rather than morality.
    6.4 (be approved by) that scene will never pass the censor
    esa escena de ninguna manera va a pasar la censura
    Example sentences
    • That plan passed the Senate but died in the House as lawmakers wrapped up work to adjourn for the year.
    • While the voucher scheme did not pass Congress, the testing proposals passed both the House and the Senate.
    • The bill was removed from the legislature's schedule, together with other bills that failed to pass committee review.
  • 7 (utter)
    to pass sentence
    dictar sentencia
    Example sentences
    • The judicial decision must be made before sentence is passed and the decision must be made obvious by the judge.
    • The Court also declared that only a member of the judiciary could pass a sentence and that this was out of the remit of the Home Secretary.
    • On that day the Crown invited the court to proceed to pass sentence on both defendants, and to postpone the determination of a confiscation order.
    Example sentences
    • Everyone thought they had the right to pass comment and judgement on her.
    • Justine said that when in company some people had passed remarks such as: ‘Have you tried to kill yourself?’
    • They were young guys themselves and they kept passing comments.
  • 8 (Medicine)
    (kidney stone)
    to pass water to pass wind
    expulsar or expeler ventosidad [formal]
    tirarse un pedo [colloquial]
    he passed blood in his urine
    orinó con sangre
    Example sentences
    • Men may have a discharge, pain on passing urine or painful testicles.
    • This is simply to help relax the muscles - no urine will actually be passed.
    • Catheters are thin flexible tubes which are inserted into the bladder to allow urine to be passed.

intransitive verb

  • 1 (move, travel) pass along the car, please
    córranse or pasen adelante, por favor
    many letters passed between them
    se intercambiaron muchas cartas
    the bus passes by/in front of our house
    el autobús pasa por casa/por la puerta de casa
    the liquid passes down the tube
    el líquido baja por el tubo
    he passed into a coma
    entró or cayó en coma
    the word has passed into everyday usage
    la palabra ha pasado al uso común
    her name passed into history/oblivion
    su nombre pasó a la historia/fue relegado al olvido
    spring passed into summer [literary]
    la primavera dejó paso al verano [literary]
    we watched until he passed out of sight
    nos quedamos mirando hasta que lo perdimos de vista
    we are now passing over Washington
    estamos sobrevolando Washington
    the rope passes through this ring
    la cuerda pasa por esta anilla
    the car has passed through many hands
    el coche ha pasado por muchas manos
    the book passed through several editions
    hubo varias ediciones del libro
    the thought passed through my mind
    la idea (se) me pasó por la cabeza
    the road passes under a bridge
    la carretera pasa por debajo de un puente
  • 2 2.1 (go, move past) I was just passing
    pasaba por aquí
    they passed on the stairs
    se cruzaron en la escalera
    they shall not pass
    ¡no pasarán!
    his mistake passed unnoticed
    su error pasó desapercibido
    it was a stupid remark, but let it pass
    fue un comentario estúpido pero dejémoslo correr or no hagamos caso
    I can't let that pass
    eso no lo puedo consentir
    2.2 (overtake)
    let him pass
    deja que se adelante or que nos pase
    no passing (US)
    prohibido rebasar (Mexico)
  • 4 (be transferred)
    to pass to somebody
    pasar a alguien
    Example sentences
    • As Mrs Bennet complained, it was cruel for the estate to pass to a Mr Collins ‘whom nobody cared about’.
    • Both landlord and tenant have legal estates which may pass to others on sale, by way of gift or under the rules of testate or intestate succession.
    • It is well known that cells from the blood of the foetus can pass to the mother during pregnancy.
  • 5 5.1 (elapse) (time)
    transcurrir [formal]
    time passed
    pasó el tiempo
    many years passed
    pasaron muchos años
    transcurrieron muchos años [formal]
    Example sentences
    • After my father passed away, my sisters got married, but I told my mother I didn't want to get married so soon.
    • Life was difficult after her father passed away in 1946 and eventually the family farm was sold.
    • Sadly, my father, Roy, passed away in August 2001 after a two-year battle with cancer.
    Example sentences
    • A moment of silence passed and he slowly lowered his arm, as if he had thought better of it.
    • The weeks passed slowly, but I never had a moments rest to think about anything.
    • The evening passes agonisingly slowly.
    5.2 (disappear)
    lie down until it passes
    acuéstate hasta que se te pase
    Example sentences
    • The issue has waited until well after electoral danger has passed before emerging.
    • They holed themselves up until the danger had passed.
    • Remember that half-hardy and tender plants should not be planted out until all danger of frost has passed.
  • 6 (happen) [archaic]to come to pass
    acaecer [literary]
    acontecer [literary]
    it came to pass that …
    acaeció que … or aconteció que … [literary]
    sucedió que …
    Example sentences
    • Even now, after all that passed between us, I think what he told us was basically true.
    • It seems reasonably clear that something passed between them on the subject.
    • Something else had passed between them, she felt sure of it.
  • 7 7.1 (be acceptable) it's not brilliant, but it'll pass [colloquial]
    una maravilla no es, pero pasa
    that may pass in the country, but it won't here
    eso estará bien en el campo, pero aquí no
    to pass as something
    pasar por algo
    7.2 (in an exam) 7.3 (be approved)
    ser aprobado
  • 8 (decline chance to play)
    (as interjection)
    I'll pass on the dessert, thanks
    no voy a tomar postre, gracias
    voy a pasar del postre, gracias [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • Thank you for the offer, but I think I'd better pass.
    • I had three opportunities to sell, all of which I passed on because I thought something bigger and better was coming.
    • We passed on a sweet and ordered a second bottle of fizz instead.
  • 9 (rule) (US) to pass on something
    pronunciarse sobre algo


  • 1 (document, permit) bus/rail pass
    abono de autobús/tren
    press pass
    pase de prensa
    24-hour pass (Military)
    permiso (masculine) de 24 horas
  • 2 (in test, examination) (British) to get a pass
    sacar un aprobado
    (before noun) a pass mark
    un aprobado
    what's the pass mark?
    ¿cuál es la nota mínima para aprobar?
    pass rate
    porcentaje (masculine) de aprobados
  • 4 (sexual advance)to make a pass at somebody
    insinuársele a alguien
    intentar ligarse a alguien (Spain) [colloquial]
    tirarse un lance con alguien (Southern Cone) [colloquial]
  • 5 (state of affairs) (no plural) things had reached such a pass that …
    las cosas habían llegado a tal extremo que …
    things have come to a pretty pass
    hay que ver a dónde hemos llegado

Phrasal verbs

pass away

verb + adverb [formal] [euphemistic]
1 (die)
fallecer [formal]
2 (cease to exist)

pass by

1verb + adverb (go past)
people passing by in the street
la gente que pasaba por la calle
we were just passing by
pasábamos por aquí
2verb + object + adverb (not affect) time had passed the village by
el tiempo no había pasado por el pueblo
the economic recovery is passing this region by
esta región permanece al margen de la reactivación de la economía
he felt life had passed him by
sentía que no había vivido
don't let love pass you by
no permitas que el amor te deje de lado

pass down

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object (often passive)
a formula passed down from generation to generation
una fórmula que ha ido pasando de generación en generación
this watch has been passed down to me through three generations
este reloj lo he heredado a través de tres generaciones

pass for

verb + preposition + object
she could pass for a woman of 30
podría pasar por una mujer de 30 años

pass off

1verb + adverb 1.1 (take place) the march passed off without incident
la marcha transcurrió or se llevó a cabo or se desarrolló sin incidentes
the celebrations passed off very well
los festejos estuvieron muy bien
1.2 (cease)
the headache passed off
se le ( or me etc. ) pasó or quitó el dolor de cabeza
se le ( or me etc. ) fue el dolor de cabeza
2verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 2.1 (represent falsely)
hacer pasar
he tried to pass it off as a genuine Dalí
trató de hacerlo pasar por un Dalí auténtico
she passed herself off as a journalist
se hizo pasar por periodista
2.2 (brush aside) he passed it off as a bout of indigestion
le quitó importancia diciendo que no era más que una indigestión
she tried to pass off the entire episode as a coincidence
quiso dar la impresión de que todo había sido una simple casualidad

pass on

1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object 1.1 (transmit)
he must have passed on my name and address
tiene que haberles pasado or dado mi nombre y dirección
the costs are passed on to the customer
los costos los paga el cliente
los costos se repercuten en or sobre el cliente
we pass these savings on to you! (in advert)
¡usted se beneficia de estos ahorros!
would you pass the word on to the others?
¿les podrías avisar a los demás?
I don't want to pass my cold on to you
no te quiero contagiar el resfriado
no te quiero pegar el resfriado [colloquial]
1.2 (put in contact with)to pass somebody on to somebodyI'll pass you on to my colleague (on the phone)
le paso mi compañero
le pongo con mi compañero (Spain)
le doy con mi compañero (Southern Cone)
pass him on to me
pásamelo a mí
2verb + adverb 2.1to pass on to something
pasar a algo
we pass on to the third item on the agenda
pasamos al tercer punto del orden del día
2.2pass away

pass out

1verb + adverb 1.1 (become unconscious) I must have passed out
debo (de) haberme desmayado
debo (de) haber perdido el conocimiento
I nearly passed out with fright
casi me desmayé del susto
1.2 (graduate) (British)
2verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object (distribute)

pass over

1verb + adverb + object 1.1 (omit)
pasar por alto
you've passed over one very important fact
has pasado por alto algo muy importante
1.2 (overlook)
pasar por alto
dejar pasar
2verb + object + adverb (disregard for promotion) (usually passive)
pasarle por encima a
he's been passed over three times now
ya le han pasado por encima tres veces
ya van tres veces que ascienden a otros pasando por encima de él
3pass away

pass through

1 1.1verb + adverb we're just passing through
estamos solo de paso
1.2verb + preposition + object
pasar por
2verb + preposition + object (experience)
pasar por

pass up

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
dejar pasar
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pass 2

American English: /pæs/
British English: /pɑːs/


  • (in hills, mountains) (Geography) to sell the pass
    traicionar a la causa
    Example sentences
    • Beware of what appear to be shortcuts on maps - these often turn out to be unpaved roads or mountain passes.
    • By late afternoon they had reached the valley of the mountain pass and the south road.
    • The mountain pass is a difficult road to travel and it appears as though you are not apothecaries or wandering salesmen.
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