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American English: /pis/
British English: /piːs/

Translation of peace in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 uncountable they live in or at peace with their neighbors
    viven en paz con sus vecinos
    the two nations have been at peace for years
    hace años que las dos naciones viven en paz
    to be at peace with oneself [literary]
    estar en paz consigo mismo
    to be at peace with the world
    estar satisfecho de la vida
    to make peace with somebody
    hacer las paces con alguien
    they made their peace after their mother's death
    hicieron las paces tras la muerte de su madre
    (before noun)
    para la paz
    de paz
    por la paz
    peace conference
    conferencia (feminine) de paz
    peace envoy
    enviado (-da) (masculine, feminine) de paz
    the peace movement
    el movimiento pacifista
    he brought her flowers as a peace offering
    le trajo flores en señal de reconciliación
    peace settlement
    acuerdo (masculine) de paz
    peace studies
    estudios (masculine plural) de or para la paz
    Example sentences
    • It had gained respect and authority by ushering in a period of peace and stability in the city.
    • That's what I think Americans can do with this providential period of prosperity and peace.
    • The resulting peace agreement included a six-year interim period before a vote on independence.
    1.2 countable (treaty) the Peace of Ryswick
    la Paz de Ryswick
    Example sentences
    • Finally, in 1842, the Chinese were forced to agree to an ignomious peace under the Treaty of Nanking.
    • If Israelis and Palestinians are unwilling or unable to negotiate a workable peace, the international community must take the lead in promoting one.
    • We must conduct our affairs in such a way that it becomes in the Communists' interest to agree on a genuine peace.
  • 2 (Law)to keep the peace (police/troops) to breach or (British) disturb the peace
    alterar el orden público
    Example sentences
    • We know this fight is the way to defend the values that are at the basis of civil life and peace.
    • Contention leads to war, and war is the antithesis of civil peace.
    • To recognize the right to free association might have meant to deprive hundreds of millions of the right of civil peace.
  • 3 (quiet, tranquillity) the peace and quiet of the countryside
    la paz y tranquilidad del campo
    I went to the library for some peace and quiet
    me fui a la biblioteca para poder estar tranquilo
    the peace of mind that comes with old age I turned off the gas for my own peace of mind
    apagué el gas para quedarme tranquilo
    to be at peace
    descansar en paz
    rest in peace
    que en paz descanse
    let me finish this in peace
    déjame acabar esto en paz
    let me have a bit of peace
    déjame tranquilo or en paz un momento
    he won't give you any peace until he's got what he wants
    no te va a dejar tranquila or en paz hasta que no se salga con la suya
    to hold one's peace [formal] [archaic]
    guardar silencio
    speak now or forever hold your peace
    que hable ahora o que calle para siempre
    Example sentences
    • Now my Sundays are for worship, family, friends, reading, rest, and relaxation-such freedom and peace.
    • He said the number of visitors also had a social impact, both on other visitors who went in search of peace and tranquillity, and on the local population.
    • There was just something about her that radiated peace, tranquility, and that made her very popular.
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