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American English: /pik/
British English: /piːk/

Translation of peak in Spanish:


  • 1 (of mountain)
    (mountain) pico (masculine)
    (on graph) pico (masculine)
    beat the eggwhites until they stand in stiff peaks
    Example sentences
    • It winds up through rolling hills with stands of poplar trees, distant views of lakes and snowy mountain peaks strung along the horizon.
    • The visitor is mesmerized by its sunny beaches, snowy mountain peaks, endless plains where black bulls graze, shimmering lakes and mountain streams.
    • How it ended up on the peak of a snowy mountain (located over a crocodile lake and through a blue tunnel) is a question we'll have to save for another day.
    Example sentences
    • The highest peak is Mount Apo in Mindanao at 9,689 feet.
    • The over 100 volcanic peaks in the range, some over 3,000 metres in elevation, include more than a dozen which are considered active.
    • Where the White Mountains come to an end is the great peak of Mount Mindolluin.
    Example sentences
    • Trim to a triangular shape, leaving the peak as high as possible.
    • Every tree seems to me to be shaped as a peak uniquely designed for the very spot it stands in.
    • The shapes of the peaks are broader and less asymmetric.
    Example sentences
    • Kitted out in his team-issue polo shirt, the peak of his baseball cap shading his outdoor complexion, short sleeves revealing the power in his forearms still.
    • A ponytail of strawberry blond hair hung casually below the reversed peak of her baseball cap.
    • In addition there was a fellow in a brown bowler hat, another in a shapeless cloth cap with a peak, and both added their encouragements, turning to Waistcoat in a laconic collusion.
    Example sentences
    • What happens in all these cases is that a small number of CDs or whatever sell in enormous quantities, forming a peak on the graph.
    • The inset shows the second differential curves calculated from peaks 7 and 8 of the quinone spectra.
    • As expected, loop regions show more motion than helical regions, which is reflected in the larger deviations from the starting point as indicated by peaks in the graph.
  • 2 (highest point) the epidemic reached a peak in June
    la epidemia tuvo su punto crítico en el mes de junio
    production is now getting back to its pre-recession peak
    la producción está volviendo a los niveles máximos de antes de la recesión
    at the peak of her career
    en el apogeo or la cúspide de su carrera

adjective before noun

  • 1 (maximum)
    to be in peak condition (athlete/horse)
    estar en plena forma
    Example sentences
    • Actually, yes, it is possible to hold a high, but not peak, level of fitness for a long time.
    • PC manufacturers developed state-of-the-art thermal solutions to ensure that notebooks run at the peak performance level under normal conditions.
    • The text is addressed to all performers, athletes, business people, trial lawyers and anyone else who needs guidance on how to work at their peak performance level.
    Example sentences
    • The facility's energy strategies will result in a 67 percent reduction in electric energy use during peak demand hours.
    • People will use their cars less as a result, reducing air pollution, decreasing traffic congestion and lessening peak period demands on public transport.
    • The plan also calls on employers to consider introducing flexi-times, so that the effect of the peak demand by traffic on the road network can be diluted.
  • 2 (busiest) during peak times
    durante las horas de mayor demanda ( or consumo etc. )
    peak advertising slots
    espacio (masculine) publicitario en las horas de máxima audiencia
    peak viewing figures
    cifras (feminine plural) de máxima audiencia
    the peak hour for traffic
    las horas pico
    las horas punta (Spain)
    peak rate
    tarifa (feminine) máxima
    peak season

intransitive verb

  • (price/demand/production)
    alcanzar su nivel más alto or su punto máximo
    alcanzar su apogeo
    alcanzar su mejor momento
    Example sentences
    • In 1980, the suicide rate in Denmark peaked and reached a level that was among the highest in the world, with 34 suicides per 100 000 inhabitants.
    • Values for vineyards peaked in 2000 in the range of $85,000 to $180,000 per acre, but sales activity in 2003 was virtually nil.
    • Farther out, some see rates peaking at 5.25 per cent in the first half of 2005.
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