Translation of penalty in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈpenlti/

n (pl -ties)

  • 1 1.1 (punishment) pena (f), castigo (m); (fine) multa (f) the penalty for disobedience is death la desobediencia está penada con la muerte on penalty of death o of their lives bajo or so pena de muerte to pay the penalty pagar* las consecuencias the doctor paid the full penalty for his negligence el médico pagó cara su negligencia penalty for improper use: $50 multa por uso indebido: $50 (before n) penalty clause cláusula (f) penal or punitiva penalty interest interés (m) penal or de recargo
    More example sentences
    • Even if he does, the maximum penalty for breaking the rules is a fine of $2,000 per violation.
    • Causing death by careless driving while under the influence of drink or drugs carries maximum penalties of ten years in prison, an unlimited fine and a minimum two-year driving ban.
    • The charges carry a maximum penalty of five life sentences.
    1.2 (disadvantage) one of the penalties of fame parte del precio que hay que pagar por ser famoso
  • 2 2.1 [Games] you have to pay a penalty hay que pagar una prenda we were given a five-point penalty for the wrong answer perdimos or nos restaron cinco puntos por contestar mal (before n) penalty point punto (m) en contra 2.2 [Sport] (in rugby) penalty (m), golpe (m) de castigo; (in US football) castigo (m) penalty (kick) (in soccer) penalty (m), penalti (m), penal (m) (AmL) , pénal (m) (Andes) to take a penalty cobrar un penalty ( or penalti etc) (before n) penalty area (in soccer) área (f‡) de penalty or de castigo penalty corner (in hockey) penalty córner (m) penalty goal gol (m) de penalty ( or penalti etc) penalty shoot-out lanzamiento (m) or tanda (f) de penaltys ( or penaltis etc) penalty spot punto (m) de penalty ( or penalti etc)
    More example sentences
    • A breach of the rule will result in the opponents being awarded a penalty corner.
    • The visitors were awarded a penalty, which they kicked into the corner.
    • Three of their tries came from line-outs following penalties kicked into the corner and two more following forward drives.
    More example sentences
    • Kimi's third place reflects his poor starting position resulting from a penalty he suffered following an engine change on Saturday.
    • But he admits they are now paying the penalty for running with a small squad.
    • This ultimately destroys the very reason for Jesus' redemptive work on the Cross - paying the penalty of death for our sin.
    More example sentences
    • If they win one trick each, or only one or zero tricks in total, both defenders pay the penalty.
    • Playing is a commitment to win at least one trick, and there is a penalty for failing to do so.
    • Next, if declarer has taken fewer than 6 tricks he pays a penalty of 20 units to the pot.

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