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American English: /ˈpɪriəd/
British English: /ˈpɪərɪəd/

Translation of period in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (interval, length of time)
    (when specifying a time limit) plazo (masculine)
    a two-year period
    un período de dos años
    within a two-month period
    dentro de un plazo de dos meses
    she is away on business for long periods
    pasa mucho tiempo fuera or pasa largos períodos fuera en viajes de negocios
    for a period of five hours/12 months
    por un espacio de cinco horas/período de 12 meses
    in such a short period (of time)
    en un espacio/en un período tan corto de tiempo
    during her period in office
    durante el tiempo or período en que desempeñó el cargo
    when he returned after a period of illness
    cuando regresó tras una enfermedad [formal]
    cuando regresó luego de una enfermedad (Latin America) [formal]
    Example sentences
    • The fluvial sediments, however, represent rapid deposition in relatively short periods (days or months).
    • Hauling and applying manure may require large blocks of time for relatively short periods throughout the year.
    • Generally, consumers have accepted the relatively short periods of 14 to 21 days for half or full gallons of milk.
    1.2 (epoch) the Tudor period
    la época de los Tudor
    the holiday period (British)
    la época or temporada de vacaciones
    that period of my life
    aquella época de mi vida
    the author accurately conveys the atmosphere of the period
    la escritora refleja fielmente el ambiente de la época or del período
    the postwar period
    la posguerra
    Example sentences
    • Because of this, clay becomes progressively less common in older geological periods and is almost never found in Precambrian formations.
    • The following table shows the three eras and eleven geological periods that comprise the Phanerozoic.
    • This book shows the dynamic effects of the many periods of Pleistocene glacial advance and melting on the geology and topography of the northwestern United States.
    1.3 (of artist)
    Example sentences
    • Life at the bottom of society was always difficult in the late medieval and early modern periods: but around 1600 conditions for many of the poor were terrible.
    • His work has focused on the medieval and early modern periods.
    • Of these, 98 per cent cover the 19th and 20th centuries, while only 16 per cent cover medieval or earlier periods.
    1.4 (Geology)
  • 2 (menstruation) to have a period
    tener el período or la regla
    I missed a period last month
    no me vino el período or la regla el mes pasado
    (before noun) period pain (British)
    dolor (masculine) menstrual
    Example sentences
    • It is common to have heavy blood flow at the beginning of a period and lighter blood flow at the end.
    • It mostly affects women between the ages of 50 and 70, who have been through the menopause (when your periods stop).
    • Women may also experience painful periods and pain during sexual intercourse.
  • 3 3.1 (in school)
    hora (feminine) (de clase)
    a double period of chemistry
    (una clase de) dos horas de química
    Example sentences
    • I would look at it later and make sense of it but, as for now, I had to get to my next lesson because the free period would probably be nearing an end.
    • The total lesson takes several class periods and I recite the poems to motivate my young artists many times throughout the lesson.
    • To accommodate the rich level of activity hoped for in his mathematical laboratory, he proposed that two consecutive class periods be allocated to it.
    3.2 (Sport)
    Example sentences
    • In the first period of extra time both teams played at a frenetic pace with tenacious defending keeping Keighley's hopes alive.
    • There is an extra period called injury time, usually in the vicinity of three minutes.
    • If games are tied at full-time an extra period will be played with the first team to score winning the game.
  • 4 4.1 (in punctuation)
    (as interjection)
    y punto
    y sanseacabó [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • Small pauses were commas, larger ones were semicolons and colon; and periods of course were the longest pause of all.
    Example sentences
    • "You hate cats period, " Tiffany reminded her fondly.
    • He could simply have said he favours public ownership, full stop, period.
    4.2 (sentence)
    Example sentences
    • There is frequently poor closure of periods and an inept employment of rhythm in the closure of stanzas and of poems.
  • 5 (Astronomy, Mathematics, Physics)
    Example sentences
    • To produce a larger effect, the motion must accumulate, and for wave-impulses to accumulate, they must arrive in periods identical with the periods of vibration of the atoms on which they impinge.
    Example sentences
    • The atmosphere rotates with periods ranging from over 18 hours near the equator to faster than 13 hours near the poles.
    • In contrast, Jupiter-family comets tend to have predictable, well-determined orbits with short periods and low inclinations.
    • The first problem Galileo attacked at Florence was to determine orbits and periods for Jupiter's four satellites.
    Example sentences
    • What is the period of the continued fractions of the following numbers?
    • In 1834 Jacobi proved that if a single-valued function of one variable is doubly periodic then the ratio of the periods is imaginary.


  • (costume/furniture)
    de época
    the house retains many period features
    la casa conserva muchos detalles arquitectónicos de la época
    see alsoperiod piece
    Example sentences
    • This house is a great blend of period qualities and contemporary design.
    • One of the highlights of the weekend will be period re-enactments of historical trials in the old Law Courts in City Hall.
    • A home that has both period style and modern comforts - is it perfection?
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