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Pronunciation: /ˈfɪzɪkəl/


  • 1 1.1 (bodily) [disability/exercise] físico; [illness] orgánico; [love/attraction] físico the physical effects of alcohol consumption los efectos del alcohol en el organismo Latin people tend to be more physical los latinos recurren más al contacto físico para demostrar sus emociones he did not like physical contact no le gustaba el contacto físico physical examination reconocimiento (masculine) médico, chequeo (masculine) (médico)
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    • Mental and physical exhaustion retards the growth of body and mind, and it often causes a psychosomatic illness.
    • When cycling enthusiast Katie Bamber booked a charity trip to Vietnam she was bracing herself for a tough mental and physical challenge.
    • The healing takes places on an emotional level, a mental level, and on a body level, a physical level.
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    • We berate those who cross the line and leave the immature and underdeveloped open to the physical abuse of contact and collision sports.
    • Yes, there is the element of consent and the obvious foreknowledge that physical contact sports carry an inherent risk of injury.
    • These guys are playing a physical contact game, they're all steamed up.
    1.2 (rough) it was a very physical game jugaron muy duro it's very physical work es un trabajo que requiere mucho esfuerzo físico he threatened to get physical if we didn't pay him nos amenazó con recurrir a la fuerza física si no le pagábamos
  • 2 2.1 (material) [world] material that's a physical impossibility eso es materialmente imposible 2.2 (relating to physics) físico
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    • Certainly, before Newton, the very idea of physical law was at best a blur.
    • Feynman's work is filled with the sort of raw physical insight that physicists love and admire.
    • Today we understand most of these things in terms of physical forces acting under impersonal laws.
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    • These are tangible, physical assets and totally unlike the stock of a typical NYSE company.
    • Common sense says that the physical environment has an impact on productivity.
    • Most businesses deal with the physical assets and the environment within, but have never looked at the people.

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