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Pronunciation: /ˈpɪktʃər; ˈpɪktʃə(r)/

Translation of picture in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (representation, drawing, diagram) the book has no pictures el libro no tiene ilustraciones to draw a picture of sth hacer* un dibujo de algo, dibujar algo one picture is worth a thousand words una imagen vale más que mil palabras 1.2 (painting) cuadro (masculine), pintura (feminine); (print) cuadro (masculine), lámina (feminine); (portrait) retrato (masculine) to paint a picture of sth/sb pintar algo/a algn he wants to paint our picture nos quiere pintar or retratar the book paints a gloomy picture of … el libro pinta un cuadro sombrío de … as pretty as a picture the village was as pretty as a picture el pueblo era de postal she's as pretty as a picture es preciosa picture framer enmarcador, (masculine, feminine) picture hook gancho (masculine) para cuadros picture library archivo (masculine) de imágenes
    Example sentences
    • The various pictures, drawings and paintings had their captions in Irish.
    • He writes and prints in periodicals verses, drawings and reproductions of pictures which he draws with a brush held in his mouth.
    • More than a dozen original pictures (both drawings and paintings) of the dodo now exist.
    Example sentences
    • How could these critics of Raphael's unrealistic depictions of the world turn around and paint endless pictures of Ophelia?
    • We've probably seen a picture or a portrait of them, or some depiction, which passes for a portrait.
    • He then moved to Nigeria, where he lived for nearly 25 years, working as a magistrate and a high court judge and painting pictures of people he met.
    1.3 (photo) foto (feminine) to take a picture of sth/sb sacarle* or tomarle or (in Spain also/en España también) hacerle* una foto a algo/algn we had our picture in the paper nuestra foto salió en el periódico
    Example sentences
    • The photographer wants to take pictures of me with my laptop.
    • A production photographer wants to take pictures of us next to the famous Emmerdale sign.
    • The use of long lens photography to take pictures of people in private places without their consent is also forbidden.
  • 2 (situation) panorama (masculine) it was a similar picture across the border el panorama era similar al otro lado de la frontera that's not the whole picture esa es una visión parcial del asunto the big picture la gran prespectiva to come into the picture Bill wants to know where/how he comes into the picture Bill quiere saber cuál es su papel en todo esto what she thinks doesn't come into the picture at all su opinión no viene al caso to get the picture [colloquial/familiar] you're not welcome here, get the picture? aquí no eres bienvenido ¿entiendes or te enteras? just read this, you'll soon get the picture léete esto, enseguida te harás una idea to put sb in the picture poner* a algn al tanto (de la situación)
  • 3 (idea) idea (feminine) you get a totally different picture from these figures estas cifras te dan una idea or una impresión totalmente distinta
    Example sentences
    • But let us hear Socrates out, and get a view of the full picture, as he argues that it would be wrong for him to escape into exile.
    • Figures like this are exceptional in the extreme and give a completely unrepresentative impression of the national picture.
    • The long-term picture is impressive in light of poor mechanisation levels in the country.
  • 4 [Television/Televisión] imagen (feminine)
    Example sentences
    • Just as yesterday, our televisions screens relayed pictures of running battles with police.
    • Anna stood outside beside the exit door, and watched the rows of television screens displaying pictures of the roller coaster ride.
    • Fog, frost and even poor television pictures are some of the main problems.
  • 5 [Cinema/Cine] 5.1 (movie) película (feminine) 5.2
    (pictures plural)
    (cinema) (British English/inglés británico) [dated/anticuado] the pictures el cine to go to the pictures ir* al cine or (Colombia) a cine
    Example sentences
    • The only action in his war picture occurs at the very beginning of the film.
    • The picture spawned several sequels aimed at the teenage horror market.
    • There is a rule of thumb amongst movie buffs: the more scriptwriters the worse the picture.
  • 6 6.1 (embodiment) imagen (feminine) he looks the very picture of health es la viva imagen de la salud 6.2 (beautiful sight) espectáculo (masculine) doesn't she look a picture? ¿no está preciosa?
    Example sentences
    • He's the picture of his father, he's a bonny young Irish boy.
    • "He's the picture of his old sire, Lazzarone," he continued, looking the horse over critically.
    • She's the very picture of her. I saw it at once. When I first went into the room I could hardly believe my own eyes.

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • 1.1 (imagine) imaginarse I can just picture her ya me la imagino, es como si la estuviera viendo I can't quite picture myself with a baby no me veo con un niño 1.2 (depict) (usually passive/normalmente en voz pasiva) the minister, pictured here next to … el ministro, que aparece en la foto junto a …

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