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pit 1

American English: /pɪt/
British English: /pɪt/


  • 2 2.1 (coalmine)
    mina (feminine) (de carbón)
    (before noun) pit worker
    Example sentences
    • By this time next year there will only be seven deep coal mining pits left in this country.
    • Slag heaps from dozens of coal pits dot the countryside.
    • We also had a mining industry until the pit closures.
    2.2 (quarry)
    Example sentences
    • A wetlands conservation project in old quarries and gravel pits in North Yorkshire has won a national award.
    • Stone from this pit was a deep, rich chocolate brown and was certainly the most popular stone with both the contractor and the public.
    • As quarrying expanded, five pits were eventually opened.
  • 3 (Theater)
    also: orchestra pit
    foso (masculine) orquestal or de la orquesta
    3.2 (stalls) (History)
    Example sentences
    • There were still tip up wooden seats in the pit and benches in the gallery.
    • At ten to eight, the house doors opened, and there was a rush for the sixpenny seats in the pit.
    • What's it like to sit in the pit in the Chicago Theater?
    Example sentences
    • I heal the animals that fight in the pit… so long as there's enough left to heal.
    • This rough, loose, prickly coat allowed the Shar-Pei to wriggle out of its opponent's grasp while fighting in the dog pits.
    • In such contests, according to law-enforcement officials, two dogs are placed in a pit or similar area enclosed with plywood walls.
  • 4 (in Stock Exchange) (American English)
    Example sentences
    • Although no one expects the euro to collapse, the debate is contributing to an uncertain atmosphere in foreign-exchange trading pits.
    • Most traders trade in a pit, sitting almost on top of each other where everyone can be seen and heard and all calls traced and deals marked.
    • Even now, many traders make electronic trades on handheld devices when they're in the pits.
  • 5
    also: pits plural
    5.1 (in motor racing) the pits
    los boxes
    los pits
    5.2 (the very worst) [slang]the pits
    lo peor que hay [colloquial]
    un desastre
  • 6 (on face)
    Example sentences
    • Dents or pits in the skin can easily become filled with bits of skin and hair, and infected with bacteria.
    • Sometimes, popping a pimple will cause a brown or red scar to form that could last months; and scars, in the form of dents and pits, can last forever.
    • I have many acne pits of varying sizes on my face.
  • 7 (bed) (British English) [slang]
    Example sentences
    • Once home we shuffled off to our respective pits, I surfaced at 10.30 am.
    • Assuming you can drag yourself out of your pit by about 10am, you should be in reasonable shape.
    • Mark was still in his pit, although he was awake.
    Example sentences
    • When she lifts her arms, she has a big old bushy pit!
    • The cashier had sweaty pits and greasy hair.
    • She turned up at a premiere with hairy pits.

transitive verb -tt-

  • (mark)
    his face was pitted by smallpox
    tenía la cara picada de viruelas
    Example sentences
    • The tip of the stick is often driven into the cloth with force, weakening the structure of the weave, and pitting the playing surface.
    • The dirty, white stone front of the shop, which stocked boxes of beer cans, was pitted with bullet holes, while a car and lorry parked in the protected courtyard outside were badly damaged in the attack.
    • Much her chagrin she saw that through the ravages of time it was pitted with holes, some small others rather large.

Phrasal verbs

pit against

verb + object + preposition + object
enfrentar a
to pit oneself against somebody
enfrentarse a alguien
medir fuerzas con alguien
you'll be pitting your wits against the experts
vas a estar compitiendo con los expertos
they were pitted against a powerful alliance
se veían enfrentados a una poderosa alianza
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There are 2 entries that translate pit into Spanish:

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pit 2

American English: /pɪt/
British English: /pɪt/

transitive verb

  • (remove stone) (American English)
    quitarle el hueso or el cuesco or (Southern Cone) el carozo or (Colombia) la pepa a
    descarozar (Southern Cone)
    pitted cherries
    cerezas (feminine plural) deshuesadas or sin hueso or (Southern Cone tb) descarozadas
    Example sentences
    • Leave some cherries whole so people can see later on how hard you worked pitting real cherries.
    • If you're pitting cherries, do it inside a Ziploc bag.
    • I cut the cherries in half and pitted them.
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