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pitch 1

American English: /pɪtʃ/
British English: /pɪtʃ/


  • 4 countable 4.1 (position, site)
    (in market, fair) puesto (masculine)
    to queer somebody's pitch (British English) [colloquial]
    jorobar a alguien [colloquial]
    serrucharle (River Plate area) or (Chile) aserrucharle el piso a alguien [colloquial]
    also: sales pitch
    he had a very effective sales pitch
    tenía buena labia para vender
    sabía convencer al cliente con argumentos
    an insurance agent's pitch
    el discursito de un vendedor de seguros

transitive verb

  • 1 (set up)
    Example sentences
    • With temperatures plummeting, the council ordered winter camps to be pitched.
    • Saturday night saw the Raise The Roof benefit pitch its tent at the Rosemount Hotel.
    • Perhaps they'll end up pitching their tents somewhere on Romney Marsh.
  • 2 2.1 (throw, toss) we were pitched forward when the bus braked suddenly
    el frenazo en seco que dio el autobús nos lanzó or nos arrojó hacia adelante
    she was pitched off her horse
    fue arrojada del caballo
    Example sentences
    • He threw the ball back to her and she gave the batter a whole two seconds before pitching the same ball.
    • He was due to pitch the first ball of a crunch baseball match in New York between the Yankees and the Arizona Diamondbacks.
    • Just as Billy pitched the ball, I made eye contact with him.
    Example sentences
    • The next ball was pitched up and driven for four.
    • He pitched the ball well up, turned it a touch, and conceded only 44 runs in his ten overs.
    • He was able to pitch the ball just about anywhere he wanted and because of this and his pace he was the obvious weapon.
    2.2 (in baseball, cricket)
  • 3 3.1 (aim, set, address) she doesn't know at what level to pitch her talk
    no sabe qué nivel darle a la charla
    why don't you pitch your aspirations a little higher?
    ¿por qué no das más vuelo a tus aspiraciones?
    ¿por qué no picas un poco más alto? [colloquial]
    they pitched their opening offer at 3%
    situaron su oferta inicial en un 3%
    to pitch it a bit strong o high [colloquial]
    recargar las tintas
    3.2 (Music)
    her instrument was pitched lower
    su instrumento tenía un tono más bajo
    Example sentences
    • She didn't need to pitch her voice lower, for the teeth-rattling music took care of the concept of being overheard.
    • He called back, pitching his voice like a girl's.
    • Was it just me or was he pitching his voice rather high?

intransitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (fall) (+ adverb complement)
    he pitched forward onto his face
    se fue de bruces
    the boxes pitched forward on top of me
    las cajas se me vinieron encima
    Example sentences
    • The big ex-con pitches forward and falls behind the counter.
    • I pitched forward and toppled over the rail.
    • As she pitched forward, about to fall, someone caught her by her upper arms.
    1.2 (lurch)
    Example sentences
    • Swaying in the wind, they're concerned about the timing in getting on deck, with the ship pitching hard up and down.
    • Although the sea washed the heads clean as the ship pitched, the heads still needed a regular scrub-down with a broom.
    • Then we hit some turbulence, and both aircraft pitched and rolled a little bit.
  • 2 (Sport) 2.1 (in baseball) 2.2 (in golf, cricket)
    Example sentences
    • The ball pitched 15 feet from the hole, bounced three times and dropped in.
    • Replays showed that the ball had pitched outside leg stump, but it was too late for recriminations.
    • It is possible to plot where the ball pitched, and where the batsman's shot went, allowing all those graphs to be drawn.
  • 3 (campaign, fight) (American English) to pitch for something
    pelear por algo
    to be in there pitching [colloquial]
    estar en la brecha or al pie del cañón

Phrasal verbs

pitch in

verb + adverb [colloquial]
1 (join in)
arrimar el hombro
dar una mano
if everyone pitches in
si todos arriman el hombro or dan una mano
she pitched in with the rest of them
se puso a trabajar a la par de los demás
several people pitched in with offers of help
varias personas se ofrecieron a ayudar
2 (start eating)
atacar [colloquial]
entrarle (Mexico) [colloquial]

pitch into

verb + preposition + object [colloquial]
1 (set about) to pitch into something
ponerse a hacer algo
he pitched into the paperwork
se puso a despachar el papeleo [colloquial]
2 (start eating)
atacar [colloquial]
entrarle a (Mexico) [colloquial]
3 (attack)
arremeter contra

pitch up

verb + adverb (British English)
aparecer [colloquial]
Definition of pitch in:
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There are 2 entries that translate pitch into Spanish:

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pitch 2

American English: /pɪtʃ/
British English: /pɪtʃ/


  • uncountable (substance)
    Example sentences
    • There was a small boat, an improvised currach-type constructed from hessian stretched over a wooden frame and doused with pitch to make it waterproof.
    • The production of tar and pitch as well as potash and saltpeter is included in the category of proto-industry.
    • All his exports for which we still have record were cloth; he imported herring and dried fish, ashes, iron, lumber, oil, pitch and tar.
Definition of pitch in:
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