There are 2 translations of plague in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /pleɪg/


  • 1.1 u c (disease) peste (f) to avoid sb like the plague huirle* a algn como a la peste he's such a bore, they avoid him like the plague es tan pesado que le huyen como a la peste I avoid Saturday shopping like the plague ni loco voy de compras un sábado [familiar/colloquial]
    More example sentences
    • In this way, they spread disease, plague, leprosy, typhoid fever, cholera, dysentery, and so on.
    • The country has made headlines lately with the resurgence of preventable diseases such as plague, malaria, dengue fever and tuberculosis.
    • Infectious disease experts say that the agents of greatest concern are the germs that cause anthrax, smallpox, plague, botulism and tularemia.
    1.2 c (troublesome horde, mass) plaga (f) a plague of locusts/mice/tourists una plaga de langostas/ratones/turistas
    More example sentences
    • Experts are warning that Africa is on the brink of its worst plague of the insects for nearly 20 years.
    • Australia is battling its biggest plague of locusts in decades as billions of the insects hatch along the central east region.
    • But then an almost biblical plague of insects descended on the crops and began eating them.

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There are 2 translations of plague in Spanish:



  • 1.1 (afflict continually) a country plagued by strikes un país asolado por constantes huelgas plagued with problems plagado de problemas plagued by doubts and fears acosado or atormentado por dudas y temores
    More example sentences
    • Residents living near an Accrington park that has been plagued by young troublemakers are being urged to reclaim it.
    • Neighbours claim the road is plagued by youths causing trouble and today called for extra police patrols.
    • The troubles that plagued it during filming may well end up helping it at the box office.
    1.2 (pester) acosar, asediar they plagued her with questions about her resignation la acosaron or asediaron con preguntas sobre su dimisión
    More example sentences
    • They countered his discipline by continually plaguing him with giant hound dogs he never wanted.
    • If you make money your god, it will plague you like the devil.
    • However, it's also a hassle shopping there because you get plagued by people wanting your money.

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