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American English: /pleɪt/
British English: /pleɪt/

Translation of plate in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 countable (dish) he ate a whole plate of rice
    se comió un plato entero de arroz
    dinner at $100 a plate
    cena a 100 dólares el cubierto
    to hand or give something to somebody on a plate
    servirle algo a alguien en bandeja
    to have a lot/too much on one's plate
    tener muchas/demasiadas cosas entre manos
    as if I didn't have enough on my plate
    como si no tuviera bastantes problemas
    plate warmer
    Example sentences
    • A pile of rugs and blankets lay within, pillar candles perched all about, set on dinner plates from the china closet.
    • Empty plates are warmed before food is served, which is a nice touch.
    • Make sure you hear that little pop in the bottle when you open it, and also to serve the baby food onto a plate rather than just serving it straight out of the bottle.
    1.2 countable (Religion)
    also: collection plate
    also: Communion plate
    Example sentences
    • The Hon Rev F J Nile and The Hon G Moyes refrained from passing round the plate for tithes.
    • Congregations in two Yorkshire dioceses have turned out to be among the most generous in the country when it comes to putting money on the plate at Anglican churches.
    • At the same time bible-based cults may ridicule churches that take up free-will offerings by passing collection plates and/or sell literature and tapes.
    1.3 countable (prize)
    Example sentences
    • Hounslow's Rhenu Khuttan won the girls badminton plate competition and Sandeep Gupta was narrowly defeated in the boys quarter-finals.
    • His victory in the most recent plate race is a sterling example.
    • Naas now go forward to play in the plate competition, the final of which they reached two seasons ago with this team, narrowly losing on that occasion to Skerries.
    1.4 uncountable (dishes)
    vajilla (feminine) (de plata u oro)
    Example sentences
    • They could melt down the coins and convert the monetary metals into jewelry and plate, or have them exported along with new gold and silver from the mines.
    • To his granddaughter Elizabeth Hall, all his plate except the bowl left to Judith.
    • On the Wednesday afternoon an extended section of plate, silver and jewellery was offered including quite a number of trade entries.
    1.5 countable (on cooker)
  • 2 2.1 countable (of metal)
    (of glass) placa (feminine)
    Example sentences
    • Properties of wrought products depend to some extent on the quality of the ingot from which they were made, especially thick plates or strip made from thin castings.
    • Damping is incorporated in the rear line of columns in the form of sheets of visco-elastic material clamped between steel plates.
    • Tap shoes have thin metal plates, usually made of aluminium, screwed onto the sole and heel, allowing dancers to create percussive effects as they move.
    2.2 uncountable (coating) 2.3 countable (Geology)
    Example sentences
    • It is a brass plate inscribed with the name of a passenger on the ship, Colonel Edward James.
    • I also had my own stall now with a brass plate on the stall door with my name.
    • Engraved on a metal plate next to the door was the name Entertainment Room.
  • 3 countable 3.1 (Photography)
    Example sentences
    • The bank engraves banknote images into metal plates by hand and uses special inks and watermarks to prevent forgery.
    • Grice traced the final illustrations onto metal plates and placed them in a heat vacuum machine to create multiple copies of molded plastic pages.
    • But left and right are reversed in an etching, which is made by scratching lines on a metal plate and using the plate to make a print.
    3.2 (Art, Printing) 3.3 (illustration)
    Example sentences
    • Build a theme around the picture or print on the plates and paper goods.
    • After the lead-in, the rest of the book consists of colour plates with extended captions that are as interesting as the photographs themselves.
    • The books contain 606 plates illustrating 92 percent of the 1189 taxa in the keys.

transitive verb

  • 1 (coat)to plate something with something
    recubrir algo de algo
    enchapado en oro/en plata
    Example sentences
    • The nickel is plated on the alloy or steel by using heat and chemistry.
    • Magnesium, titanium, zirconium, niobium, tantalum, molybdenum and tungsten may be soldered if they are plated with a solderable metal coating such as silver.
    • Other plated metals include nickel, copper, and gold.
  • 2 (encase)
    (machine/armored car)
    Example sentences
    • The bow was plated with metal so it could handle that, but the ship had never been designed as an icebreaker.
    • Two large ships, plated with the same grey metal, lay at anchor inside the calm area behind the massive breakwater defences, while others listed and rolled in the water, on the verge of capsizing.
    • Some knights were cited as wearing mail gloves under their plated gauntlets for added strength.
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