There are 2 translations of poke in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /pəʊk/


  • 1 1.1 (jab) to poke the fire atizar* el fuego to poke sb in the eye (with finger) meterle el dedo en el ojo a algn to poke sb's eye out sacarle* un ojo a algn she poked me in the ribs to make me shut up (with elbow) me dio un codazo para que me callara he poked me in the ribs with his umbrella me clavó el paraguas en el costado stop poking me! ¡deja ya de darme! 1.2 (thrust) she poked her head around the door asomó la cabeza por la puerta he poked his head out from under the sheets sacó la cabeza de entre las sábanasto poke sth at sb/sth stop poking that stick at me! ¡deja ya de darme con el palo! poke a fork into the meat to see if it's done pincha la carne con un tenedor a ver si está hecha he poked his finger through the crack metió el dedo por la ranura he poked a hole in the bag le hizo un agujero a la bolsa it's easy to poke holes in their argument es fácil echar por tierra su argumento fun1 nose1 1
  • 2 (punch) (AmE) [colloquial/familiar] to poke sb in the nose pegarle* un puñetazo or [familiar/colloquial] un mamporro en la nariz a algn


  • 1.1 (jab)to poke at sth he poked at the mouse with a stick le dio al ratón con un palo she poked listlessly at her food jugueteaba desganada con la comida 1.2 (project) asomar her feet were poking out of the sheets los pies le asomaban por entre las sábanas a few shoots were poking up out of the soil unos cuantos brotes asomaban en la tierra his elbows were poking out of his sweater los codos le asomaban por los agujeros del suéter
    More example sentences
    • Wiry white and grey hairs poked out of his thick, flabby ears and his blue eyes were shoved deep into this rough-skinned face.
    • We cut to the next scene, where he is now under a large mound of sand, now with only the top of his head visible, poking through the side of the mound.
    • A widow of several years, she wears a green, yellow and orange headscarf, from which black and grey curls poke out.
    More example sentences
    • It only seemed like I had been asleep for two minutes when I was poked at and I nearly jumped out of my skin before I realized our car ride was over.
    • If people are poked with a sharp enough stick, like the threat of a large-scale war, they'll respond.
    • We've been poking him with a sharp stick, and if you do that long enough, you have to either shoot the dog or get bit.

Phrasal verbs

poke about

poke around v + adv

poke along

v + adv
[colloquial/familiar] ir* a paso de tortuga [familiar/colloquial]

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There are 2 translations of poke in Spanish:



  • 1 1.1 (jab) golpe (m); (with elbow) codazo (m) she gave him a poke in the ribs le dio en el costado (with elbow) le dio or le pegó un codazo en el costado to give the fire a poke atizar* el fuego it's better than a poke in the eye (with a sharp stick) [set phrase] menos da una piedra, (algo es algo,) peor es nada 1.2 (punch) (AmE) [colloquial/familiar], mamporro (m) [familiar/colloquial], puñetazo (m) to give sb a poke on the nose pegarle* un puñetazo or [familiar/colloquial] un mamporro en la nariz a algn
  • 3 (AmE) [colloquial/familiar], (purse) monedero (m), chauchera (f) (Chi) ; (wallet) billetera (f)
    More example sentences
    • The main purpose of my wee trip was to see my Uncle John and give him a poke and prod prior to his heart surgery.
    • I gave the house sale a good poke and prod today and it sounds as if the urgency of our situation has got through.
    • Her mom gave her a poke and gestured to the table.
    More example sentences
    • More exotic Scots words would include stoorsooker pokes, for vacuum cleaner bags and tea-pokies for tea bags.

Definition of poke in: