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Pronunciation: /ˈpaʊər; ˈpaʊə(r)/


  • 1 1.1 u (control, influence) poder (m); (of country) poderío (m), poder (m) the power of the church el poder de la iglesia sea power made us great el dominio del mar or nuestro poderío marítimo nos hizo grandes real power lies with the military en realidad son los militares los que detentan el poder you are in my power estás or te tengo en mi poder power to the people poder para el pueblo people power poder popular power over sb/sth poder sobre algn/algo (before n) [center] de poder power breakfast desayuno (m) de trabajo power broker traficante (mf) de influencias power dressingestilo de vestimenta adoptado por algunas mujeres ejecutivas para proyectar una imagen de autoridad y eficiencia power lunch almuerzo (m) or (esp Méx, Esp) comida (f) de gente poderosa power nap siesta (f) reconstituyente power politics política (f) de poder power structure estructura (f) del poder power struggle lucha (f) por el poder
    More example sentences
    • We have the power to influence events if only we are prepared to use it.
    • You have power, prestige and influence and can dictate your terms in professional matters.
    • It is a role of no power, no influence, with no glamour or credit.
    More example sentences
    • The world heroine had rendered her causes morally imperative and essential to national military power.
    • Yes, in conventional terms, the greater military power would win out, but not in guerilla warfare.
    • His greatest strength was recognising the limitations of military power.
    1.2 u (over country, nation) poder (m) to be in power estar* en or ocupar el poder balance of power equilibrio (m) de fuerzas to seize power tomar el poder, hacerse* con el poder to come to power llegar* or subir al poder (before n) power sharing compartimiento (m) del poder
    More example sentences
    • But that was a revolution which brought the capitalist class to political power.
    • The parliament that emerged from this vote has been as yet unable to form a government and exercises no power.
    • They don't have the economic and social power of government and media figures, that's for sure.
    1.3 u c (official authority) poder (m) power to + inf poder para + inf they have no power to intervene no tienen poder para intervenir special powers poderes extraordinarios power of veto derecho (m) de veto to exceed one's powers excederse en sus ( or mis etc) poderes or atribuciones they were given full powers to … les dieron plenos poderes para … it's beyond his powers no es de su competencia
    More example sentences
    • The Tribunal has no power to delegate to any other body the performance of the duties laid on it by the Act.
    • This ground of challenge may be used where the claimant alleges that there has been an unlawful delegation of power.
    • There has also been a history of judicial reticence when a power is delegated to an elected public body.
  • 2 c 2.1 (nation) potencia (f) a major industrial/naval power una potencia industrial/naval de primer orden a foreign power una potencia extranjera 2.2 (person, group) he's a power to be reckoned with es una fuerza con la que hay que contar the power behind the throne el poder en la sombra, la eminencia gris the powers that be los que mandan, los que detentan el poder the powers of darkness las fuerzas del mal
    More example sentences
    • The Industrial Revolution ensured military supremacy of the Western powers, whose colonial influence affected most of the Muslim world.
    • After a long trend of consolidation by colonial powers, new countries are declaring their independence.
    • In addition a murky role is being played by certain neighbouring countries and international powers.
  • 3 u 3.1 (physical strength, force) fuerza (f) more power to your elbow [colloquial/familiar] ¡bien hecho! 3.2 (of wind, sun) potencia (f), fuerza (f); (of drug, chemical) potencia (f); (of engine, loudspeaker, transmitter, telescope) potencia (f) we have doubled our processing power hemos duplicado nuestra capacidad de procesamiento
    More example sentences
    • Once again we tried to lift off with engines roaring at full power, but no cigar.
    • This should be less of a problem at Monaco, where no cars use their full engine power.
    • With a brisk performance, this engine had plenty of power at the high end.
    3.3 (of tradition, love) poder (m), fuerza (f); (of argument) fuerza (f), lo poderoso or convincente
    More example sentences
    • We think power is physical muscle power and we try harder to overpower and dominate others.
    • Their stand-out attribute for me is the physical strength and power of the players.
    • Yet by their physical power, they can impose their will without regard to the law.
  • 4 4.1 u (ability, capacity) I did everything in my power hice todo lo que estaba en mi(s) mano(s), hice todo lo que me era posible it doesn't lie within my power no está en mi(s) mano(s) that's beyond my power eso está fuera de mis posibilidades she has the power to see into the future es capaz de predecir el futuro 4.2 (specific faculty) (often pl) he lost the power of sight/hearing/speech perdió la vista/el oído/el habla power(s) of concentration capacidad (f) or poder (m) de concentración her power(s) of persuasion su(s) poder(es) de persuasión test your mental powers pon a prueba tu inteligencia or tus facultades mentales her creative/imaginative power(s) su capacidad creativa/imaginativa he was at the height of his power(s) estaba en su mejor momento or en la plenitud de sus facultades
    More example sentences
    • The powers of technology harnessed with the power of the human mind fused into one supreme being capable of the impossible.
    • He preached a simple, effective message of a common humanity and the power of love.
    • I can use any number of tools, from the powers of composition and imagination to the power of a computer, to make an image be what I want it to be.
  • 5 u 5.1 [Eng] [Phys] potencia (f); (particular source of energy) energía (f) the engine lacks power al motor le falta potencia nuclear/wave/solar power energía nuclear/mareomotriz/solar (before n) power brakes servofrenos (mpl) power drill taladro (m) eléctrico power saw motosierra (f) (electrical) sierra (f) eléctrica power shovel excavadora (f) power steering dirección (f) asistida power tool herramienta (f) eléctrica 5.2 (electricity) electricidad (f) to turn the power on/off conectar/cortar la electricidad (before n) power cable cable (m) de energía eléctrica power failure corte (m) del suministro eléctrico power grid (esp BrE) red (f) eléctrica power lines cables (mpl) de alta tensión power point (BrE) toma (f) de corriente, enchufe (m), tomacorriente(s) (m) (AmS) power supply abastecimiento (m) de energía power workers (BrE) trabajadores (mpl) del sector eléctrico
    More example sentences
    • Wind power uses the kinetic energy from the wind to turn an electricity-generating turbine.
    • The server has two separate power supplies and two power cables in case one fails or falls out.
    • They are also actively involved in smuggling and looting high-voltage power cables.
    More example sentences
    • Spectral analysis provides a measure of power in the different frequency bands in the EEG.
    • There are two 1.5 watt speakers built in and the unit draws a paltry 20 watts of power.
    • It likes to trumpet its all out speed while ignoring the 130 watts of power and size of the beast.
  • 6 u [Math] potencia (f) 10 to the power of 4/of 3 10 (elevado) a la cuarta potencia/al cubo
    More example sentences
    • In 1915 Macaulay discovered the primary decomposition of an ideal in a polynomial ring, which is the analogue of the decomposition of a number into a product of prime powers.
    • We can use arithmetics with different bases, fractions, decimals, logarithms, powers, or simply words.
    • Hensel was interested in the exact power of a prime which divides the discriminant of an algebraic number field.
  • 7 (a lot) [colloquial/familiar] to do sb a power of good hacerle* a algn mucho bien your visit's done him a power of good tu visita le ha hecho mucho bien
    More example sentences
    • There's a power of difference between a monologue and a one-man show.
    • There's a power of men been killed in this Hispaniola — a sight o' poor seamen dead and gone since you and me took ship to Bristol.
    • To be sure there's a power of money made here.

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There are 2 translations of power in Spanish:



  • the plane is powered by four engines el avión tiene cuatro motores, el avión está propulsado por cuatro motores it's powered by electricity funciona con electricidad, es eléctrico steam-powered a or de vapor nuclear-powered submarine submarino (m) nuclear
    More example sentences
    • A particular growth area for the company continues to be the production of seal rings for turbo chargers in diesel powered engines.
    • Chips are cut out of wafers, and are used to power electronics devices such as cell phones.
    • ‘In fact the school pays for the electricity that powers the machines, with no return,’ she adds.


  • (move rapidly) [colloquial/familiar] (+ adv compl) we were powering along the highway íbamos disparados por la carretera [familiar/colloquial]
    More example sentences
    • Crawford was slow out of his blocks but powered round the bend to lead Williams by a fraction as they entered the final 100m.
    • Thrashing my way along, this guy powered past me, turbulence all round, power-boat wake.
    • The Texan was the world's one-lap maestro and looks as relaxed in the studio as he was powering round the track.
    More example sentences
    • Locke powered the ball into the line, while Devine used his speed to run the ball to the outside.
    • Ramos bravely powered the ball goalwards with a header only for Stekelenburg to palm away to safety.
    • Northampton then could only clear a MacKenzie free kick as far as Corden who powered a low shot through a forest of legs and into Rachubka's midriff.

Phrasal verbs

power up

v + adv + o, v + o + adv
[computer/appliance] encender*, prender (AmL)

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