Translation of presence in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈprezns/


  • 1.1 uncountable/no numerable (being present) presencia (feminine) in the presence of sb en presencia de algn I felt nervous in his presence su presencia me ponía nerviosa don't mention it in his presence no lo menciones delante de él or cuando esté él to make one's presence felt hacerse* sentir or notar
    More example sentences
    • It was moments like that when I savoured his presence, enjoyed the fact that we were together and we were happy.
    • The fact he could utter the word in the presence of his most deadly enemies says much about the Christian upbringing of the man.
    • Then, oddly comforted by his presence, she starts to seek out his company.
    1.2 uncountable/no numerable (representation) presencia (feminine) their military presence in the region su presencia militar en la zona
    More example sentences
    • He said that provided a police presence was maintained in the centre, the project could be beneficial.
    • I wouldn't object to the cameras so much if there was a police presence to crack down on other motoring offences.
    • Yet it remains just as true that most people feel more secure when the police have a visible presence on the streets.
    1.3 countable/numerable (spirit) espíritu (masculine)
    More example sentences
    • She was feeling quite lost now, all these people talking about strange presences.
    • In my time this had become two bedrooms and a bathroom with an oddly shaped passage, and anybody who slept there remarked on strange presences.
    • She interviews her for a book that she hopes will make Alison famous, but their voices on tape are often drowned out by the spirit presences that jostle around them.
    1.4 uncountable/no numerable (charisma) presencia (feminine)
    More example sentences
    • Sol is not a big talker on the field, but his physical presence and calm manner reassure others.
    • He's got a real physical presence - his chest is puffed up and it feels like he's taking up too much space.
    • They have a great physical presence and they made that tell on this occasion.

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