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Pronunciation: /ˈprɪnsəpəl/


  • 1 countable/numerable 1.1 (basic fact, law) principio (masculine) in principle en principio I work on the principle that nothing is impossible yo parto de la base de que nada es imposible on that principle sobre esa base, partiendo de esa base to start from first principles empezar* por lo básico or por los principios fundamentales to go back to first principles volver* a lo básico or a los principios fundamentales
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    • And yet, of course, our principles of fairness and justice must be upheld.
    • Although its application was inevitably uneven, the Code Napoléon was intended to serve as a universal set of principles founded on reason.
    • Following the enlightenment principle of truth through reason alone, it was thought that history cannot be determined until theology has been removed.
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    • Yet, that was the age of levers and pulleys, and machines based on mechanical principles were being used as analog computers in many different ways.
    • The principles underlying steam power, machine tools, and mass production were less familiar, hence less transparent.
    • However, back then, explanations that were given to the general public regarding the actual principle of the flying machine appeared to be quite vague.
    1.2 (motive force) principio (masculine) the pleasure principle el principio de placer
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    • If you can forsake your fundamental principles for any reason then you are not the kind of person who can take the country forward.
    • Rarely have I encountered anyone as passionate and determined in his principles as Donald Bruce, a true patriot and a man who led a remarkable life.
    • There are three key defining experiences in my life that form the foundation of my principles and beliefs.
  • 2 countable or uncountable/numerable o no numerable (rule of conduct) principio (masculine) a man/woman of (high) principle un hombre/una mujer de principios it was a matter of principle era una cuestión de principios I never borrow money, on principle o as a matter of principle nunca pido dinero prestado, por principio to have no principles no tener* principios it is against my principles va contra mis principios she's always lived up to her principles siempre ha sido consecuente con sus principios it's the principle of the thing es una cuestión de principios

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