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American English: /reɪndʒ/
British English: /reɪn(d)ʒ/

Translation of range in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (scope) it's beyond the range of my study
    está fuera del ámbito or del campo de mi estudio
    the range of her knowledge was vast
    sus conocimientos eran amplísimos
    Example sentences
    • Few scientists can match the range, depth and scope of his biodiversity knowledge.
    • Since then, she has gained a vast range of knowledge in all things equine.
    • The play shows her range and ability as a serious actor.
    1.2 (Music) he lacks range
    tiene un registro muy limitado
    Example sentences
    • The source of this parallel intoning of liturgical melody may be traced to the natural range of the human voice.
    • For the most part, the vocal ranges are narrow and would be suitable for all voice parts.
    • He has what is possibly one of the best male voices and ranges in the pop music world at the moment.
    1.3 (bracket) if your income is within that range
    si sus ingresos están dentro de esos límites or son de ese orden
    a house in the middle price range
    una casa dentro de un nivel medio de precios
    it's within/out of our price range
    está dentro de/fuera de nuestras posibilidades
    está dentro de/es más de lo que queremos gastar
    children in a given ability range
    niños de un determinado nivel de aptitud
  • 2 2.1 (variety) a wide range of colors/prices
    una amplia gama or una gran variedad de colores/precios
    a wide range of possibilities
    un amplio abanico de posibilidades
    I have a wide range of interests
    mis intereses son múltiples y variados
    it has a limited range of applications
    sus usos son limitados
    Example sentences
    • The centre has a wide range of classes and activities to choose from for both adults and children.
    • The new savings schemes will offer a range of different investment options.
    • The bank can offer a full range of products, including trade finance, securities trading and foreign exchange.
    2.2 (selection) our summer range is in the shops now (British)
    nuestra línea de verano está ya en los comercios
  • 3 3.1 (of gun) a range of 200m
    un alcance de 200m
    at close/long range
    de cerca/lejos
    at pointblank range to come/be within range
    ponerse/estar a tiro
    it was out of range
    estaba fuera del alcance del arma
    Example sentences
    • The maximum range of those rockets was just over five miles.
    • Correspondents say this is a substantial addition to the previously announced range of the country's missiles.
    • The minimum and maximum ranges of the missile are 5km and 130 km.
    3.2 (of vehicle, missile) the aircraft has a range of 4,000 miles
    el aparato tiene una autonomía de 4.000 millas
    long-range missiles
    misiles (masculine plural) de largo alcance
    Example sentences
    • They warned that by 1948 increased enemy aircraft ranges would permit the extension of these attacks.
    • The vehicle has a range of 214 miles with a maximum speed of 40mph.
    • The truck's range is great, with the fuel light coming on at around 360 miles.
    3.3 (sight, earshot) wait until he's within range
    espera hasta que esté lo suficientemente cerca y pueda ver/oír
    3.4 (Telecommunications) (mobile telephony) to be out of range
    estar fuera de cobertura
    to be in range
    tener cobertura
    Example sentences
    • Look for us calling in once we get back into radio range in a few days.
    • Often truck convoys and support units were out of range of each other's radios.
    • He was almost in radio range, but he decided to take a break at the Hangman's Pit.
  • 4 (for shooting)
    Example sentences
    • I want to buy a shotgun and start going to the range.
    • This person has the title of ‘Field Captain’ and controls the shooting on the range.
    • The gun club has some of the best target ranges in the world but has been forced to use a wartime prefab as an office and clubhouse.
  • 5 (chain) a mountain range
    una cordillera
    una cadena de montañas
    a range of hills
    una sierra
    Example sentences
    • Eastwards the ridge opened out in a series of bumps, dips and peaks, more like a small range of mountains than one single hill.
    • By midafternoon they had reached the summit of the first range of mountains, and stopped to rest the horses.
    • Ministers face legal action by a local authority for excluding a range of mountains from the Cairngorms National Park.
  • 7 7.1 (grazing land)
    Example sentences
    • Ranchers have to be careful not to put too many cattle on these ranges because overgrazing can lead to erosion.
    • Russian knapweed is a problem in ranges and pastures in the western United States, where it grows up to 4 feet tall and takes over otherwise productive land.
    • The owner of the range sold out, but he bought new land to open a replacement range.
    7.2 (Botany, Zoology)
    zona (feminine) de distribución (donde se da una especie)
    Example sentences
    • The pine barrens of New Jersey is the northernmost range of 109 southern plant species.
    • Another option is to look at creating corridors between protected lands as a way of expanding the animals' ranges.
    • These routes used by migratory birds for passage between wintering and breeding ranges are called flyways.

intransitive verb

  • 1 (vary, extend)to range from something to somethingtheir ages range from 12 to 20
    son de edades comprendidas entre los 12 y los 20 años
    tienen entre 12 y 20 años
    sus edades oscilan entre los 12 y los 20 años
    the book ranges in time from the Middle Ages to the present day
    el libro abarca desde la Edad Media hasta nuestros días or comprende el período entre la Edad Media y nuestros días
    estimates range up to $20,000
    hay presupuestos de hasta 20.000 dólares
    the conversation ranged over many topics or ranged widely
    la conversación abarcó muchos temas
    Example sentences
    • The 115 residential units vary in size and in price level, ranging from about $750 to $1750 a month.
    • Prices ranged from £25 for a proof of age card to £240 for a set of fake exam qualifications.
    • Sample sizes of individual studies varied, ranging from 39 to 220, but tended to be larger than those used in previous work.
    Example sentences
    • The lines of people ranged all the way down the long hallway.
    • Mellow lights appeared in the old white villas ranged along the beach.
    • A curvy center corridor links the public rooms that range along Apollon Deck.
  • 2 2.1 (wander) they ranged far and wide in search of food
    deambularon por todas partes en busca de comida
    the animals range through the woods
    los animales vagan por los bosques
    Example sentences
    • She noticed his eyes ranging over her body.
    • He let his eyes range freely up and down her body, lingering particularly on her legs.
    • My eyes range over the familiar faces and I receive nods and smiles from every direction.
    2.2 (Botany, Zoology)
    Example sentences
    • Mosquitoes breed in static water and the emerging adults can range up to two miles.
    • This species once ranged over an enormous area.
    • He knew that the cat had once ranged throughout the Southwest.

transitive verb

  • 1 (line up, place) they ranged themselves against the proposal
    se alinearon en contra de la propuesta
    Example sentences
    • After she'd gone he had drawn up a scorecard, ranging her qualities on one side - her intellectual gifts and vivid, racy conversation - and on the other all the vicious things she'd said.
    • The percussionists are ranged round the auditorium, the seats within being arranged to face several different ways.
    • We ranged ourselves decoratively across the stairs.
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