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Pronunciation: /rɪˈsiːvər; rɪˈsiːvə(r)/


  • 1 [Telec] auricular (m), tubo (m) (RPl) , fono (m) (Chi) to lift o pick up the receiver levantar el auricular ( or el tubo etc) to replace o put down the receiver colgar* el auricular ( or el tubo etc)
    More example sentences
    • Working independently, Gray and Bell both developed systems based on electromagnetic receivers with steel diaphragms.
    • A speech signal is encoded using code excited linear prediction for use in transmitting the speech signal to a receiver.
    • Generally, it is of no value for the transmitter to outdistance the receiver.
    More example sentences
    • Naturally curious, I picked up the receiver and listened in.
    • She stopped, listened to it ring again, and picked up the receiver.
    • He must have been alone because he picked up the receiver at the first ring.
  • 2 [Rad] [TV] receptor (m) (before n) receiver dish antena (f) parabólica
    More example sentences
    • A handheld receiver detects radio emissions from these satellites.
    • Car dealers also offer satellite radio receivers as a factory-installed option.
    • This would see data being broadcast over the airwaves into radio receivers which, if they've been fitted with special screens, could transmit video images.
  • 3 [Busn] [Law] (official) receiver síndico (m) (de quiebras) to call in the receivers solicitar la suspensión or (CS) la cesación de pagos
    More example sentences
    • Sometimes anonymous cards are sent and the receiver has to guess who the sender might be.
    • Each time a document is sent, the receiver can check with the security firm to verify the sender's identity.
    • But for the receiver to enjoy the gift without feeling guilty they must also give.
    More example sentences
    • At the start of this year receivers were appointed to manage the brand in Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen, and Stirling.
    • This point is well taken, as the appointment of a receiver does not necessarily mean that the company's business operations are to be suspended.
    • It is likely they would agree that the appointment of a receiver might be the drastic, but necessary, step that is needed.
  • 4 (in US football) [Sport] receptor, -tora (m,f) wide receiver receptor abierto, receptora abierta (m,f)
    More example sentences
    • An example is a tennis player: When the server starts to serve, the receiver is already in motion.
    • An ace is when the receiver does not get his racket on the serve; if a receiver mis-hits a serve it is called a service winner.
    More example sentences
    • He has an outside chance of sticking with the Eagles as a fifth receiver and special-teams player.
    • He struggled in goal-line situations last season and is not a great receiver or pass blocker.
    • While he makes some sensational grabs, he also drops more passes than an elite receiver should.
  • 5 (of stolen goods) comerciante (mf) de mercancía robada, reducidor, -dora (m,f) (AmS)
    More example sentences
    • It will target all criminals, from burglars and street robbers to drug dealers, car criminals and receivers of stolen goods.
    • This is an extremely wide provision designed to criminalize those who help a thief or a receiver.
    • While car criminals infuriate Fry he is as angry with receivers of stolen goods.

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