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American English: /rəˈlis/
British English: /rɪˈliːs/

Translation of release in Spanish:

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1
    poner en libertad
    he was released on bail
    lo pusieron en libertad bajo fianza
    the animals will be released back into the wild
    los animales serán devueltos a la naturaleza
    to release somebody from somethingshe was released from jail
    fue puesta en libertad
    salió de la cárcel
    fue excarcelada [formal]
    she released him from his promise
    lo eximió de cumplir con su promesa
    they released him from the contract
    le condonaron las obligaciones emanadas del contrato [formal]
    Example sentences
    • He releases himself and falls free of the burning aircraft.
    • But questions remain about whether the big cat escaped or was somehow released.
    • On August 10, 1974, he was expecting to be given the news that he was to be released from solitary confinement.
    1.2 (unleash) the ban released a flood of protest
    la prohibición desató una oleada de protestas
    Example sentences
    • He shifted the lever into neutral and released the hand brake, then cranked the steering wheel as far to the right as he could.
    • All it takes to get this car moving like a breeze is to release the hand brake, turn the knob on the dashboard to forward mode and press the accelerator.
    • To smell burning rubber while driving a car is a sign that you forgot to release the hand brake.
    he was released from his normal duties
    lo dispensaron de sus tareas habituales
    Example sentences
    • You are released from restrictions and limitations, as old fears do not trouble you any more.
    • You are released from tensions and restrictions when you make important decisions.
    • If he declines, you may ask and publish his reasons, but they cannot release you of your obligation to correct your error in publishing his misleading words.
  • 2
    hacer público
    dar a conocer
    sacar (a la venta)
    Example sentences
    • The film is due to feature both local and international actors, but no further information has been released.
    • Police released the newest information yesterday, after investigators unearthed fresh clues about the suspect's whereabouts.
    • The first set of products and services are expected to be available mid-2002, when further information will be released.
    Example sentences
    • The vast majority of independently produced films never get released.
    • Production was completed in late autumn and the film was released in September 1968.
    • As far as I know, the studio is not releasing the film into theaters domestically.
  • 3 (emit, disseminate)
    plants release oxygen through their leaves
    las plantas liberan or desprenden oxígeno a través de las hojas
    Example sentences
    • Fortunately for Jonny and myself the dark looks faded off Nicky and Val's faces and they allowed Josh to release them and move onto Jonny without making a scene.
    • Word after word flowing from her, releasing the emotions she never allowed herself to show, because showing emotions was dangerous.
    • When blood sugar rises, the pancreas releases insulin to move glucose out of the blood into the muscle where it is stored for energy.
  • 4 4.1 (let go)
    he released his grip on her
    la soltó
    Example sentences
    • Reverse the motion to release the weight and return to the start.
    • The scene appears at this position after you release the mouse button.
    • It's really a joystick that jumps back to the home position when you release it.
    to release the shutter (Photography)


  • 1 uncountable 1.1 (from prison, captivity)
    puesta (feminine) en libertad
    liberación (feminine)
    he negotiated his release from the contract
    gestionó que se le condonaran las obligaciones emanadas del contrato
    his death was a merciful release
    su muerte fue una bendición
    Example sentences
    • On the 42nd hour, I spoke with a court-appointed lawyer who told me the courts were deliberately slowing the process of our release.
    • She called on the government to speed up the process of release for hundreds of political prisoners still in jail.
    • The process of gaining early release created a complicated and intriguing paper trail.
    1.2 (of funds, personnel) 1.3 (of claim, right)
    Example sentences
    • I have been advised by my bank manager that any release of money needs to be authorised by the solicitors who initiated the freezing injunction.
    • The third benefit for Mrs Smith was her husband's release of property claims.
    • There was no deed of release, no terms of settlement; your client just accepted that money, and, presumably there is some rule of court that deals with that.
  • 2 2.1 uncountable
    (of record) puesta (feminine) en venta
    in or (British) on general release
    en todos los cines
    Example sentences
    • The too objective script leaves audiences not knowing whether Madeleine was a murderess or not, and this fact contributed to the film's failure on release.
    • They are ready for talks provided the distributors lift the ban on release of films on or before February 7.
    • It has only just gone on release in the US and does not reach UK cinemas until January.
    2.2 countable (record, movie) new releases
    (records) novedades (feminine plural) discográficas
    (movies) últimos estrenos (masculine plural)
    salida (feminine) al mercado
  • 4 (Mechanics) 4.1 uncountable (action)the release of the brakes
    la acción de soltar el freno
    the release of the clutch
    el desembrague
    4.2 countable (mechanism) (Photography)
    Example sentences
    • A photographer can point his camera at a subject and press the release down.
    • Next, point the camera at the other extreme and once again half press the release.
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