Translation of reserve in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /rɪˈzɜːrv; rɪˈzɜːv/


  • 1 countable/numerable (stock) reserva (feminine) gold/oil reserves reservas de oro/petróleo I'm keeping this money in reserve for emergencies este dinero lo tengo reservado or de reserva para cualquier emergencia (before noun/delante del nombre) reserve gas o (British English/inglés británico) petrol tank tanque (masculine) or depósito (masculine) (de gasolina) de reserva
    More example sentences
    • The government used to prop up prices by paying farmers to keep land fallow, setting floor prices for some commodities and building stock reserves.
    • If there is a serious disruption in supply, then those reserves will be tapped.
    • He says that while Australia has significant gas reserves, supplies from overseas will be needed in the future.
  • 3
    (reserves plural)
    3.1 [Military/Militar] reservas (feminine plural) 3.2 (British English/inglés británico) [Sport/Deporte] reserva (feminine)
    More example sentences
    • Presently, the reserve team has 11 players under age 21 including seven high school players.
    • It also makes sure the reserve team isn't over-burdened with senior players keeping youngsters out.
    • He progressed to the reserve team and has played senior rugby with the club for the past four seasons.
    More example sentences
    • You have to knuckle down and get on with it, as there were times when I would be the most senior professional playing in the reserves after travelling with the first team and not being involved.
    • Whilst I have been patient during the last two years it has become very repetitive playing in the reserves and I needed to play to prove to myself that I was capable of performing at that level.
    • Only a fool would put a player of his quality in the reserves for two seasons and his manager is no fool.
    More example sentences
    • During the war it housed the reserve troops who would protect the government from invading forces.
    • Those additional officers were provided from the force reserve which is available to ensure we have sufficient organisational flexibility to meet operational demands.
    • He then voluntarily developed and trained a reserve force of assorted Army troops trapped with the Marines.
  • 5 uncountable/no numerable 5.1 (self-restraint) reserva (feminine), cautela (feminine) 5.2 (qualification) without reserve sin reserva
    More example sentences
    • Due to the after-effects of sun and a bottle of Sancerre, my usual British reserve was sadly lacking.
    • However, his plans may be derailed by a combination of intrinsically British factors: natural reserve and a reluctance to get up early in the morning.
    • Only Mrs. Martin and her two daughters were present, and just when their caution and reserve were starting to melt, it was time to leave.

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • 1.1 (book) [room/seat/table] reservar 1.2 (keep, save) to reserve sth (for sth) reservar or guardar algo (para algo) to reserve (one's) judgment reservarse la opinión the company reserves the right to change … la compañía se reserva el derecho de cambiar … all rights reserved reservados todos los derechos

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