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American English: /rəˈtaɪ(ə)r/
British English: /rɪˈtʌɪə/

Translation of retire in Spanish:

intransitive verb

  • 1 (from job, occupation)
    (teacher/civil servant)
    retirarse (del servicio activo)
    they retired to Florida
    cuando se jubilaron se fueron a vivir a Florida
    she retired from public life
    se alejó de la vida pública
    she's planning to retire from the stage
    piensa dejar la actividad teatral
    the retiring treasurer was given a gold watch
    el tesorero saliente or que se retiraba fue obsequiado con un reloj de oro
    Example sentences
    • Fixed annuities help stabilize income from investments, and are most commonly used by people who are not fully participating in the workforce, are about to retire or have retired.
    • He had been a merchant seaman man and boy, covering some fifty years and he was so accustomed to shouting just to be heard that he couldn't stop doing it now that he'd retired.
    • Beginning with an instructorship at Yale in 1909, he taught on a full-time basis for 51 years until retiring in 1960 at the age of 80.
    Example sentences
    • When a superstar retires, the price is based on his racetrack performance.
    • Bird was my favorite player and when he retired from basketball, I lost interest in the game.
    • Only the nobility were allowed to take part in jousting tournaments though Henry VIII had to retire from the sport as he was seriously injured in a jousting tournament in 1536.
  • 2 2.1 (retreat, withdraw) [formal]
    Example sentences
    • Later that evening after they had all finished their Christmas dinner, Sam retired to the window seat to read one of the new books she had gotten from Bryant.
    • At the outbreak of the Civil War he retired to Montgomery Castle and declined to become involved.
    • At half-past seven the onlookers had retired to safe positions five or six hundred yards away.
    2.2 (Military)
    batirse en retirada
    Example sentences
    • The great black dragon was forced to retire from the fight.
    • To the north of Ypres the Germans, by employing a large quantity of asphyxiating bombs, the effect of which was felt for a distance of a mile and a quarter behind our lines, succeeded in forcing us to retire.
    • Yermati led a tactical retreat and the elves retired to their kingdom.
    2.3 (from sporting contest) he retired with an injured ankle
    abandonó el campo de juego con un tobillo lesionado
    Stephens retired with clutch problems
    Stephens abandonó (la carrera) por problemas de embrague
    2.4 (go to bed) (formal or humorous)
    retirarse a sus ( or mis etc. ) aposentos (formal or humorous)
    Example sentences
    • MaryAnn wasn't worried about Lizzie because Lizzie rarely had plans for a Saturday night and usually retired early.
    • The music started to die down, and the king announced for everyone to retire for the night.
    • Late that night, after everyone had retired, I sat up in bed, listening to the chirps of the night creatures.

transitive verb

  • 1 (from job) everyone over 60 was compulsorily retired
    obligaron a jubilarse a todos los mayores de 60 años
  • 2 (Finance)
    Example sentences
    • Instead, Congress cranked up the printing press and called on the states to levy taxes to retire the bills.
    • Their issues of paper currency were retired at their original purchasing-power values; depreciation was not a serious problem.
    Example sentences
    • When your clients are running late on their payments, it is unlikely that they will be able to retire the entire balance in one payment.
    • After the war ended in 1816, these taxes were repealed and instead a high tariff was passed to retire the accumulated war debt.
    • Most discussions of the surplus involve retirement of the publicly held debt, but once this debt has been retired, the surplus has to be redirected elsewhere.
  • 3 (in baseball)
    Example sentences
    • But Budde settled down and retired the next three batters.
    • It requires retiring all twenty-seven batters in order, without allowing a single runner.
    • Scobie took the mound for the seventh, retiring the first batter.
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