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American English: /rəˈvərs/
British English: /rɪˈvəːs/

Translation of reverse in Spanish:


  • 1 countable (of picture, paper)
    (of cloth, garment) revés (masculine)
    endorse the check on the reverse
    endose el cheque al dorso
    Example sentences
    • The mats will show happy, smiling faces of young people on one side, but the reverse will reveal the scars, both mental and physical, that accidents can cause.
    • A completed entry form, available from the Arts Officer in eligible counties, must be attached to the reverse of a 10 x 8 photograph.
    • Characteristic multicellular, branched hairs were observed on the reverse of the tepals and upon the pedicellate ovary of all species.
    Example sentences
    • There were eight different denominations, with Metcalfe's design of an animal on the reverse of each coin.
    • The reverse of the friendship medals, much like today's nickels, had a portrait of Thomas Jefferson.
    • The reverse of each coin has an individual design representing the country from which the coin originates.
  • 2 2.1 (opposite) the reverseare you upset? — quite the reverse
    ¿estás disgustada? — no, al contrario or no, todo lo contrario
    the results are the reverse of what I expected
    los resultados son todo lo contrario de lo que esperaba
    2.2 (reverse order) in reverse
  • 3 3.1reverse (gear) (no article) to engage reverse (gear)
    meter (la) marcha atrás
    meter reversa (Colombia) (Mexico)
    he came around the corner in reverse (gear)
    dobló la esquina dando marcha atrás
    dobló la esquina en reversa (Colombia) (Mexico)
    3.2 countable (movement) (esp British) [colloquial]to do a reverse
    dar marcha atrás
    dar (una) reversa (Colombia) (Mexico)
  • 4 countable and uncountable (setback) [formal]
    Example sentences
    • Both sides began the campaign with high hopes, with the Villagers in particular suffering a terrible reverse in fortunes having just missed out on promotion when finishing third last year.
    • That was the message from coach Richard Agar after York City Knights fell to their third defeat in a row on Sunday, the first time they have suffered a triple reverse since April last year.
    • There was not an awful lot wrong with the performance and while getting beat is never welcomed you can normally suffer a reverse more easily if you known you've played well.
  • 5 countable (Sport) (in US football)
    Example sentences
    • The team tries to throw the ball to him deep, but offensive coordinator Jack Reilly also likes to get Ismail the ball on reverses, hitches and screen passes so he can use his speed.
    • In the second quarter, he ran a reverse 10 yards to the goal line that set up a one-yard TD pass on the next play.
    • The team will give Johnson the ball on reverses, and it will use him at flanker and split end and in the slot.

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (transpose)
    to reverse the charges (British) (Telecommunications)
    llamar a cobro revertido
    llamar por cobrar (Chile) (Mexico)
    Example sentences
    • But in other respects, the two countries' positions are reversed.
    • As she watched her husband's ascendancy back home, few could have denied Victoria Beckham a moment's reflection on how their positions have been reversed.
    • Of course, if we judge things on a per capita basis, the last positions would be reversed.
    1.2 (invert)
    Example sentences
    • Later, the media department chairperson also appealed to the Opposition to reverse its boycott decision.
    • But the authority reversed its decision earlier this year, paving the way for others to go through the same process.
    • He added that the Minister for Finance had the authority to reverse the decision.
    Example sentences
    • We then have a supplemental draft - two rounds - where the order is reversed from that of Round One.
    • In the poem, Coleridge takes that ancient image of human purpose, the triumphant journey to master a world, and reverses it, turns it inside out.
    • The main staircase is actually reversed to create a spacious entryway just inside the doorway.
  • 2 (undo, negate)
    cambiar radicalmente
    invertir el sentido de
    Example sentences
    • The Supreme Court finally reversed the high court judgement and sent the cases back for trial in January 2003.
    • Nonetheless, the Supreme Court might see fit to reverse the Court of Appeals' decision.
    • Last April, the Supreme Court reversed the High Court ruling.
  • 3 (move backward) (vehicle)she reversed her car around the corner/into the garage
    dobló la esquina/entró en el garaje dando marcha atrás
    dobló la esquina/entró en el garaje en reversa (Colombia) (Mexico)
    Example sentences
    • First the boat was nose-diving towards the beach at great speed and then the sea reversed and threw them backwards.
    • The truck reversed, revved up and moved forward again.
    • Anyway, after I reversed into this lorry I thought I was gonna get beaten up by the big lorry driver who jumped out of the cab.

intransitive verb

  • 1
    dar marcha atrás
    meter reversa (Colombia) (Mexico)
  • 2 2.1

adjective before noun

  • 1 (back) the reverse side or face (of coin)
    el reverso
    the reverse side
    (of cloth) el revés
    (of paper) el reverso
    el dorso
  • 2 (backward, opposite)
    in reverse order
    en orden inverso
    reverse thrust
    empuje (masculine) inverso
    Example sentences
    • Vehicles will be allowed from D'Souza Circle to Richmond Circle and not in the reverse direction.
    • The first train to Morecambe is now 15.00 ex Leeds and in the reverse direction 17.40 ex Morecambe.
    • I ended up travelling on to the next stop and then returning in the reverse direction.
    Example sentences
    • The Society no doubt had to make a reverse calculation in order to determine the differential final bonuses.
    • Here are the Top Three singles from this week in 1978 and 1988, in alternate reverse order.
    • The duckbill valve must prevent reverse flow and airflow back to the heart, which could cause an embolism.
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