There are 2 translations of root in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ruːt/


  • 1 1.1 [Bot] raíz (f) to pull a plant up by the o its roots arrancar* una planta de raíz to take root [plant] echar raíces, arraigar* [idea] arraigarse* to put down o strike roots [person] echar raíces, afincarse* to destroy sth root and branch acabar con algo de raíz or por completo a root-and-branch purge of the party una purga radical del partido (before n) root crop cultivo (m) de tubérculos root system raíces (fpl) root vegetableraíz o tubérculo comestible como la zanahoria, el boniato etc
    More example sentences
    • But trees help control runoff by soaking water in through their roots and providing sturdy support against erosion.
    • When planted, the underground portion forms roots and the above ground portion forms branches and leaves.
    • Wood is composed of bundles of microscopic tubes that were used to transport water from the roots of the tree to the leaves.
    More example sentences
    • A few sweet roots, parsnips, carrots and a stalk of celery will add flavour to the pan juices.
    • From the mid-16th century suckets were made in Britain from local fruits, vegetables, and roots of many kinds.
    • In this street market, celeriac, parsley root, arugula and frisée were available.
    1.2 (of hair, tooth) raíz (f) (before n) root canal treatment endodoncia (f)
  • 2 2.1 (origin) raíz (f) to get to the root of a problem llegar* a la raíz de un problema drink is (at) the root of all his troubles la bebida es la causa de todos sus problemas (before n) root cause causa (f) fundamental 2.2
    (roots pl)
    (family, background) raíces (fpl) she has no roots no tiene raíces
    More example sentences
    • It's about my background and about roots, family, music and manhood.
    • Joey had curly brown hair and was as dark as an African American, but his family roots originate from Spain.
    • They and their families have their historical roots in the original villages.
    More example sentences
    • Perspectives are the root, the basic fiber, and the foundation of every social plague impoverishing us.
    • If I had not experienced some degree of disappointment and been determined to find the root cause, I may not have gained important knowledge about myself.
    • ‘Failure to address added services at the point of origin is the root of payment failure,’ he says.
  • 3 [Ling] raíz (f)
    More example sentences
    • Words combine with words, or prefixes and suffixes combine with roots, in ways that over time drift away from perfect sense.
    • It's pretty clear, based on Green's paper-doll explanation, that the root morpheme must have been puppet.
    • Significantly, the root of bahelawi is bahel, meaning culture.

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There are 2 translations of root in Spanish:



  • 1 (search, forage) [pig] hozar* I don't want him rooting through my desk no quiero que ande hurgando en mi escritorio she was rooting around in the attic for her racket estaba hurgando entre las cosas del desván buscando su raqueta
    More example sentences
    • On the Bowling Green near Manhattan's southern tip, for instance, stood a vacant pedestal enclosed by an iron fence around which stray pigs often rooted.
    • At night we saw dogs rooting in the shadows, and men walking in the cold, their hands drifting out of warm pockets reaching for what?
    • We passed through a narrow gate, left open, and saw an empty cattle shed, and next to it a circular pig sty, with a few great swine rooting through the strawy mud.
    More example sentences
    • The girl rushes to join her mother, who is rooting through some old piles of lace handkerchiefs.
    • These young designers root through junk piles and garage sales to create one-of-a-kind, quirky pieces of furniture.
    • He turned and rooted through a pile of folders on a table beside him.
  • 2 [Bot] echar raíces, arraigar*
    More example sentences
    • With all of that said, today it is possible to grow Pink Dogwoods by rooting cuttings under intermittent mist.
    • The earlier the cuttings are rooted the taller will be the blooming plants.
    • It's a good time to root stem cuttings so you will have new plants for the garden next spring.
    More example sentences
    • Dryland corn is rooting at the three foot depth and, even with high temperatures and lack of precipitation, it is looking good.
    • The cuttings root very easily in sand or in a rooting medium.
    • These include the ability of mother plants to produce plenty of wood, the ease with which cuttings root, and also the ease with which they can be grafted.

Phrasal verbs

root for

v + prep + o
(support) [team] animar, alentar, cinchar por (RPl) [familiar/colloquial], hacerle* barra a (Andes) ; [candidate/party] hacer* campaña por good luck with the test: I'll be rooting for you! que te vaya bien en el examen: estaré pensando en ti y deseándote suerte

root out

v + o + adv, v + adv + o
1.1 (remove) [corruption] arrancar* de raíz, erradicar* 1.2 (find) [cause/reason/truth] averiguar* I'll see if I can root out some books for him to read voy a ver si encuentro algún libro para que lea

root up

v + o + adv, v + adv + o
[plant] arrancar* de raíz

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