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Pronunciation: /ˈsæŋktʃueri; ˈsæŋktjʊəri/

noun/nombre (plural -ries)

  • 1 1.1 uncountable/no numerable (protection, safety) asilo (masculine), refugio (masculine) to seek/find sanctuary buscar*/encontrar* refugio to take sanctuary refugiarse (in church) acogerse* a sagrado 1.2 countable/numerable (place of refuge) santuario (masculine), refugio (masculine)
    More example sentences
    • His shunning of the rest for the more difficult shots demonstrated a confidence not normal for such an arena, while he went for pots where mere mortals would have sought safety sanctuary.
    • The Waterford technique also provided this patient a place of refuge or sanctuary where she could retreat and find safety.
    • Without foot patrols, drug dealers took sanctuary in these areas and set up shop.
    1.3 countable/numerable (for animals) reserva (feminine) a bird/wildlife sanctuary una reserva ornitológica/natural
    More example sentences
    • The Fauna Foundation started out originally as a sanctuary for unwanted farm animals.
    • Horses, ponies and donkeys are overcrowding animal sanctuaries after being abandoned by their owners.
    • The Center also serves as a sanctuary for injured or orphaned animals that could not survive in the wild.
  • 2 countable/numerable 2.1 [Architecture/Arquitectura] [Religion/Religión] presbiterio (masculine) 2.2 [Bible] santuario (masculine), sancta (feminine); (tabernacle) tabernáculo (masculine)
    More example sentences
    • In Jerusalem the sanctuary of the temple was called the Holy Place and was between the court and the Holy of Holies.
    • It was replaced by the older form, shrine Shinto, the worship of kami in shrines or sanctuaries, tended by priests.
    • The sense of place as a point of access to and focus for the sacred informs Pausanias's description of the Greek world, with its enumeration of cities and sanctuaries, their sacred shrines and associated rituals.
    More example sentences
    • It was to this precinct that the survivors of the attack retreated, barricading themselves into the inner sanctuary of the temple, which was burned to the ground with them in it.
    • A photograph of the balustrade and the underside of the eaves of the main sanctuary at the inner shrine extends to the edge of all four sides of the left page with no frame.
    • Then we confront a full view of the main sanctuary shot from the southwest corner of the inner compound.
    More example sentences
    • On entering the Church, he noticed pieces of stained glass strewn over the sanctuary and on the altar table.
    • The service takes place in the sanctuary, which contains an altar table and an oblation table.
    • Many sermons die in the sanctuary because preachers try to say too many things and give too much extraneous information.

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