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American English: /sin/
British English: /siːn/

Translation of scene in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (place) Golden Square, the scene of violent demonstrations
    Golden Square, escenario de violentas manifestaciones
    the scene of the crime
    la escena or el lugar del crimen
    the police were on the scene within minutes
    la policía llegó al lugar de los hechos en pocos minutos
    to appear or come on the scene a change of scene
    un cambio de aires or de ambiente
    to set the scene (for something)
    situar la escena (de algo)
    a meeting to set the scene for the conference
    una reunión para sentar las bases de la conferencia
    Example sentences
    • They were the first people on the scene after the incident.
    • The emergency services were quickly on the scene including a special incident unit from the fire brigade.
    • The equipment will therefore be used at the scene of any major incident, such as road or rail crashes involving many injured people.
    1.2 (view, situation) she paints country scenes
    pinta escenas campestres
    scenes from everyday life
    escenas de la vida cotidiana
    Example sentences
    • The town centre is a scene of devastation, with the city theatre and other buildings burned out.
    • After fully examining the scene of utter chaos, Dizante came over to us and sat down as well.
    • Several lorries then ploughed into the wreckage as the motorway was turned into a scene of chaos as cars and lorries collided with each other.
    Example sentences
    • He specialises in watercolours - finely-observed landscapes and street scenes in soft, pastel colours.
    • Locals will recognise street scenes from Tralee and landscapes from various local beauty spots.
    • The posters depicted rolling stock, landscapes and other scenes including Blackpool, the Garrick Theatre in Southport and Brixham harbour in south Devon.
  • 2 (in play, book etc) Act One, Scene Three
    acto primero, escena tercera
    the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet
    la escena del balcón en Romeo y Julieta
    Example sentences
    • I sat aghast as I watched the worst sex scenes ever filmed with some of the ugliest camera-work that I have ever seen.
    • The fight sequences and the main scenes have been filmed and only the songs are yet to be shot.
    • The cameraman would film the scene and take the shot back to the laboratory to check it and then he would re-shoot it again.
    Example sentences
    • There was only really one fault with this production, the change from scene three to four.
  • 3 (stage setting) behind the scenes (before noun) scene change
    cambio (masculine) de decorado
    Example sentences
    • Students learn about the Adler technique, voice and speech, movement, scene study and Shakespeare.
    • Schimmelpfennig's script offers no scene descriptions or stage directions, only dialogue.
    • Indeed, innovation in scene painting is associated with Sophocles, albeit in a passage of Aristotle which may be interpolated.
  • 4 (fuss, row) to make or create a scene
    hacer una escena
    armar un escándalo
    montar un número (Spain) [colloquial]
    I hate scenes
    odio las escenas en público
    Example sentences
    • She didn't do anything as she didn't want to make a scene in front of the media, shattering her public image.
    • If you have to complain write to the airline and don't make a scene at the counter…
    • Our guide encourages us not to make a scene, but rather to pay the money and forget about it.
  • 5 (sphere) the political scene
    el ámbito político
    the (gay) scene
    el ambiente (gay)
    la movida gay
    the Madrid scene
    la movida madrileña
    the drug scene
    el mundo de la droga
    it's not my scene [colloquial]
    no es lo mío
    Example sentences
    • The people he did business with were seriously linked to the Bay Area party scene in some way.
    • Suddenly we are surrounded with reminders of just how interesting the post-punk musical scene was.
    • We live a pretty low-key life - the party scene does not interest us.
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