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Pronunciation: /skuːl/


  • 1 c and u 1.1 (in primary, secondary education) colegio (masculine), escuela (feminine) to go to school ir* al colegio or a la escuela are you still at o (American English/inglés norteamericano) in school? ¿todavía vas al colegio? he began school in 1950 empezó el colegio en 1950 when he left school cuando terminó el colegio when do the children go back to school? ¿cuándo empiezan las clases?, ¿cuándo vuelven los niños al colegio? he teaches school (American English/inglés norteamericano) es maestro I had to read it out in front of the whole school tuve que leerlo delante de todo el colegio school's out [colloquial/familiar] se acabaron las clases, se acabó el cole [colloquial/familiar] I'll see you after school te veo después de clase I had to stay behind after school (as punishment) me tuve que quedar castigado después de clase I missed school yesterday ayer falté a clase or al colegio (before noun/delante del nombre) [uniform/rules/yard] del colegio; [bus/inspector] escolar children of school age niños (masculine plural) en edad escolar school attendance asistencia (feminine) al colegio school fees[ cuotas que se pagan en un colegio particular ] colegiatura (feminine) (Mexico/México) school vacations o (British English/inglés británico) holidays vacaciones (feminine plural) escolares school hours horas (feminine plural) de colegio school life vida (feminine) escolar school lunch o dinner (British English/inglés británico) comida (feminine) escolar school playground (British English/inglés británico) patio (masculine) del colegio school report (British English/inglés británico) boletín (masculine) or (Mexico/México) boleta (feminine) de calificaciones or notas
    More example sentences
    • At school he excelled at all sports, becoming captain of athletics and representing his school in the public schools championships.
    • At school, if your teacher had told the class that one kid was going to be famous, how many kids would have said it would be you?
    • When I was in school, I used to do impressions of my friends at school and stuff like that.
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    • We didn't begin with a project for a house or a school or an office building.
    • It looks at facilities like schools, office buildings and factories, and the chemicals likely to be in them.
    • They found rates 50 per cent higher than levels established for American schools and public buildings.
    1.2 (college, university) (American English/inglés norteamericano) universidad (feminine) where did you go to school? ¿en qué universidad estudiaste?, ¿a qué universidad fuiste?
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    • It was therefore out of necessity that we were all drafted into the school's varsity basketball team.
    • That's so sad for Scott because he plays tennis all his life and he's a varsity player of their school.
    • Many successful people who couldn't afford Ivy League schools graduated from city and state colleges.
    1.3 (department) facultad (feminine) he graduated from law/medical school se licenció en derecho/medicina, se recibió de abogado/médico (Latin America/América Latina) the School of Law/Dentistry la Facultad or (in Chile also/en Chile también) la Escuela de Derecho/Odontología
    More example sentences
    • Optometry courses lasting three years are taught in eight university departments and schools in the UK.
    • In order to acquire the funding to expand departments, art schools and universities had to meet the formal requirements attached to the bill.
    • Collaborations with other departments or schools at the university also help students explore alternatives.
  • 2 c and u 2.1 (other training establishment) academia (feminine), escuela (feminine) driving school academia (feminine) or escuela (feminine) de conductores or de choferes (Latin America/América Latina) , autoescuela (feminine), escuela (feminine) de manejo (Mexico/México) language school academia (feminine) or escuela (feminine) de idiomas 2.2 (source of experience) the school of life la escuela de la vida
    More example sentences
    • It is set in a dancing school, which opens with a scene of disarray (music and chairs scattered around).
    • In this latter regard I am not sure that it is the role of design schools to produce design critics and design writers as much as it is to explore and engender critical practices.
    • Art schools trained applied artists to create commercial art and decorative furnishings but offered no training in new technologies.
  • 3 countable/numerable (tendency, group) escuela (feminine) the Dutch/Impressionist/Marxist school la escuela holandesa/impresionista/marxista there are several schools of thought on this issue sobre este tema hay varias corrientes de opinión a politician of the old school un político de la vieja escuela or de la vieja guardia
    More example sentences
    • Furthermore, particular schools of artists and artistic movements are also separate markets.
    • The hanging schemes did not accentuate the unique character of individual artists and schools.
    • At the same time, a school of white jazz grew up in New York, led by Red Nichols, the Dorsey brothers Tommy and Jimmy, and others.
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    • My poetic revelation occurred in the last stages of modernism, when the various schools of the avant-garde were beginning to appear in Latin America.
    • For fans of old and new school metal this is a great mix to have cranked up in your car stereo.
    • Dvorak himself deliberately failed to initiate an American school of music.

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • [animal] adiestrar; [person] instruir*; (train) capacitar he was schooled in the art of conversation dominaba el arte de la conversación he had been well schooled in Latin and Greek le habían impartido sólidos conocimientos de latín y griego [formal]

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