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American English: /skrim/
British English: /skriːm/

Translation of scream in Spanish:


  • 1 (loud cry) a scream of terror
    un grito or un alarido de terror
    screams of laughter
    carcajadas (feminine plural)
    risotadas (feminine plural)
    the scream of the seagulls
    el chillido de las gaviotas
    Example sentences
    • A low rumbling and high-pitched scream of an animal came from somewhere out in the fog.
    • He grabbed it around the neck and the animal let out a scream of fear.
    • Alain cupped his ears as the creature's high pitched scream shattered every window pane in the room.
    Example sentences
    • Then the world was reduced to a maddening thrum frequently pierced by the high-pitched scream of generators.
    • They weren't really alarms; they were more like high-pitched whistles or screams.
    • From the hallway, the high-pitched screams of the heart monitor could be clearly heard and it resonated in Lucas' ears.
  • 2 (something, somebody funny) [colloquial] (no plural) she's a real scream
    ¡es graciosísima!
    ¡es un caso!
    ¡es un plato! (Southern Cone) [colloquial]
    it was a scream when she fell
    estuvo divertidísimo or fue para morirse de risa cuando se cayó
    fue un plato cuando se cayó (Southern Cone) [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • Some of the perfunctory descriptions they offer of the movies they sell on DVD are a scream.
    • According to my sources, the movie, titled In The Closet, is a real scream.

intransitive verb

  • (person)
    llorar a gritos
    (wind) [literary]
    let go of me or I'll scream
    suéltame o me pongo a gritar or a chillar [literary]
    to scream with pain/fear
    gritar de dolor/de miedo
    they were screaming with laughter
    se estaban riendo a carcajadas
    she screamed with laughter to scream at somebody
    gritarle a alguien
    she screamed at him to get out of the way
    le gritó para que se apartara
    those yellow walls really scream at you
    esas paredes amarillas hacen daño a la vista or son terriblemente chillonas
    the headline screamed (out) at her
    el titular inmediatamente atrajo su atención
    to scream for somethinghe screamed for help
    gritó pidiendo ayuda
    she was screaming (out) for attention
    pedía atención a gritos
    clamaba por atención
    Example sentences
    • The victim's older brother recalled seeing his brother in the garden seconds before he heard him screaming in pain.
    • I went outside and phoned all our friends and family, and came back to the ward to hear your mother screaming with pain.
    • I screamed when the pain began then bit my bottom lip refusing to scream again.
    Example sentences
    • The sirens screamed even louder as the ambulance had arrived.
    • The loud sirens screamed through the quiet night lighting up everything in its path.
    • There are firetrucks and ambulances everywhere, sirens screaming.

transitive verb

  • (insult)
    dar a voces or a gritos
    they screamed abuse at him
    lo insultaron a voz en cuello
    she screamed out his name
    gritó su nombre
    to scream something at somebody
    gritarle algo a alguien
    the headlines screamed: general mobilization
    los titulares anunciaban en grandes caracteres: movilización general
    to scream oneself hoarse
    gritar hasta enronquecer
    Example sentences
    • There are the odd occasions where they shout and scream abuse and are taken off to Westlea Police Station.
    • He was driven to Harrogate police station screaming abuse throughout the journey.
    • If most of your weekends are spent watching the footy and screaming instructions and abuse at the players on TV, then why not put your vast football knowledge to better use.
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