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American English: /səˈkjʊr/
British English: /sɪˈkjʊə/
, /sɪˈkjɔː/

Translation of secure in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (safe)
    his future is secure
    tiene el futuro asegurado
    to make something secure against something
    proteger algo contra algo
    Example sentences
    • Everyone has the right to be secure against unreasonable search or seizure.
    • Gualtero was making sure that their tent was secure against any gusts.
    • Poverty is experienced by people without secure homes and stable employment, plus limited access to health, services and education.
    Example sentences
    • Only about 80 miles of the border is protected by secure fencing today.
    • Subsequently, the other side also deployed nuclear weapons in quantity and made them relatively secure from attack.
    • He has made our nation less secure, less safe, and less free.
    1.2 (emotionally)
    children who don't feel emotionally secure
    los niños que no tienen seguridad or estabilidad en el plano afectivo
    he was secure in the knowledge that he'd done his best
    tenía la certidumbre de que había hecho todo lo que podía
    Example sentences
    • Along with the past they have shared, they are secure in the knowledge that whatever lies ahead, they will face it together.
    • Some will fare better than others when the kudos are handed out, but all will be secure in the knowledge that they gave it their best shot.
    • He needs to be secure in the knowledge that his Mommy and Daddy are in charge.
    1.3 (assured, guaranteed)
    I want to be financially secure
    quiero tener seguridad económica
  • 2 (firm, firmly fastened)
    is the rope secure?
    ¿está bien sujeta la cuerda?
    to make something secure
    asegurar algo
    Example sentences
    • Our testers noted the shoe's superior ability to provide a springy push-off and a secure landing even on loose, rocky surfaces.
    • It takes up less room in the trunk than before and offers a very tight and secure fit when closed.
    • The gels, which are soft and pliable at room temperature, become firm when warmed to form a secure seal between the mask and the patient's face.

transitive verb

  • 1 (obtain) (ticket/job/votes/support)
    obtener [formal]
    to secure somebody's release
    conseguir la libertad de alguien
    Example sentences
    • But now two motorists have succeeded in securing a refund.
    • He also asked if there were any difficulties in securing the necessary funding from the Dept.
    • Small furniture makers face the greatest difficulty securing supplies.
    Example sentences
    • The United States has every right to protect itself, to secure itself.
    • The system also has to be secured against external threat.
    • Council officers moved in today to secure the property.
  • 2 (fasten, fix firmly)
    the boat was secured with a thick rope
    el bote estaba bien amarrado con una soga
    she secured her hair with pins
    se sujetó el pelo con horquillas
    Example sentences
    • Our advice is to secure it very firmly, be conservative with your speed and make frequent stops to ensure it isn't working loose.
    • When I was finished, I moved behind her and secured her hair up with some pins that Ae-Sun had given to me as well.
    • The other bracelet is secured to a firmly mounted horizontal hangar pole in his bedroom closet.
    Example sentences
    • On liveaboard boats, cabin doors should be secured either open or shut when at sea.
    • Klaiman secures the doors open with hook-and-eye fasteners.
    • The thief used a hammer to pry open a padlock securing a door on the cabin and removed an empty cash box.
  • 3 3.1 (ensure)
    (make safe from risk) salvaguardar
    Example sentences
    • While some clients have received some speculative funding for city centre offices, the bank would require the loan to be secured on another asset.
    • What is more, consolidation loans are usually secured on property while credit cards are unsecured debt.
    • In consequence many bank and finance house loans secured by land mortgages are exempt from the controls of the Act.
    3.2 (Finance)
    a secured loan
    un préstamo con garantía
    a secured creditor
    un acreedor garantizado or asegurado
  • 4 (make safe)to secure something (against something)
    proteger or fortificar algo (contra algo)

intransitive verb

  • to secure against something
    protegerse contra algo
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