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American English: /sɛns/
British English: /sɛns/

Translation of sense in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 countable (physical faculty) the sense of hearing/smell/taste/touch
    el (sentido del) oído/olfato/gusto/tacto
    the sense of sight
    (el sentido de) la vista
    (before noun) (data/impressions)
    Example sentences
    • Sensory evaluation is analysis of product attributes perceived by the human senses of smell, taste, touch, sight, and hearing.
    • The wall will include different pieces of artwork to stimulate various senses including touch, smell, sight and sound.
    • It is through our senses - sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch - that we perceive the world around us.
    also: senses plural
    (rational state) no one in his (right) senses would do something like that
    una persona en su (sano) juicio or en sus cabales no haría una cosa así
    at last she came to her senses and went back
    por fin entró en razón y volvió
    I tried to bring her to her senses
    intenté hacerla entrar en razón
    when I came to my senses, I found myself in hospital
    cuando recobré el conocimiento or volví en mí, me di cuenta de que estaba en un hospital
    to be out of one's senses
    no estar en sus ( or mis etc. ) cabales
    estar loco
    to take leave of one's senses have you taken leave of your senses?
    ¿tú has perdido el juicio?
    ¿tú te has vuelto loco?
  • 2 2.1 (impression) (no plural) the mirror gives the room a sense of space
    el espejo le da una sensación de espacio or de amplitud a la habitación
    I felt a sense of belonging/betrayal
    me sentí aceptado/traicionado
    she has an exaggerated sense of her own importance
    se cree más importante de lo que es
    Example sentences
    • It suggests a sense of urgency and excitement, as do some of the hand-written articles in here.
    • But mention the impending transfer deadline and the banalities are overwhelmed by his sense of urgency.
    • There's a sense of urgency on every single point, on every shot, and it's an incredible challenge.
    2.2 countable and uncountable (awareness) sense of direction/rhythm/color
    sentido de la orientación/del ritmo/del color
    she has a good sense of balance
    tiene mucho equilibrio
    the Irish have a strong sense of history
    los irlandeses tienen un arraigado sentido de la historia
    she has no sense of fear
    no sabe lo que es el miedo
    no es nada miedosa
    she has no sense of decency
    no tiene vergüenza
    he has no sense of occasion
    es muy inoportuno
    Christmas this year lacked a sense of occasion
    no hubo ambiente navideño esta Navidad
    I lost all sense of time
    perdí completamente la noción del tiempo
    sense of humor she has a great sense of fun
    sabe verle el lado divertido a las cosas
    his lack of business sense
    su falta de visión para los negocios
    Example sentences
    • She has stage presence and a keen sense of the absurd, particularly in the political realm.
    • I therefore approach this case with a keen sense of its importance.
    • We are looking for a reporter with a keen news sense and a strong awareness of the issues of importance to our readers.
  • 3 uncountable 3.1
    also: common sense
    use a bit of sense!
    usa la cabeza or tu sentido común
    have you no sense?
    ¿eres tonto o qué?
    she had the (good) sense to leave her phone number
    tuvo la sensatez or el tino de dejar su número de teléfono
    he didn't have the sense to tell me
    no se le ocurrió avisarme
    no tuvo el tino de avisarme
    I have more sense than to contradict my boss
    no soy tan tonto como para contradecir a mi jefe
    to knock or beat some sense into somebody
    hacer entrar en razón a alguien
    the new Minister talks a lot of sense
    el nuevo ministro dice muchas cosas sensatas
    I can't make him see sense
    no puedo hacerlo entrar en razón
    you haven't got the sense you were born with
    no tienes ni pizca de sentido común
    3.2 (point, value) there's not much sense in doing it again
    no tiene mucho sentido volver a hacerlo
    what's the sense of staying at home?
    ¿qué sentido tiene quedarse en casa?
    Example sentences
    • If we suffer for no reason, if we can find no sense, no reason to our suffering, it makes us crazy.
    • If the reasons make no sense and are without foundation then I should so rule.
    • Ethical living is promoted not because it makes rational sense, but because it offers a guide for personal behaviour.
  • 4 countable 4.1 (meaning) in the true sense of the word
    en el verdadero sentido de la palabra
    in every sense of the word
    en todo sentido
    what is the sense of this sentence?
    ¿qué significa or cuál es el significado de esta oración?
    the different senses of the word
    las distintas acepciones or los distintos significados de la palabra
    in the figurative/literal sense of the word
    en el sentido figurado/literal de la palabra or del término
    he is a professional in the full sense (of the term)
    es un profesional en toda la extensión de la palabra
    Example sentences
    • So many people today, not least those who blog, claim to be cynics, yet are not, in the strictest sense of the word.
    • By default, the relation is one of possession, in the strict sense of the word.
    • We were in over our heads - in both senses of the expression.
    4.2 (aspect, way) in a sense they're both correct
    en cierto modo or sentido ambos tienen razón
    they would be better off in many senses/in every sense if they stayed
    saldrían ganando en muchos aspectos/en todo sentido si se quedaran
    it must in no sense be taken as the final offer
    no debe de ningún modo or de ninguna manera interpretarse como la oferta final
  • 5to make sense 5.1 (be comprehensible)
    tener sentido
    this sentence doesn't make much sense
    esta frase no tiene mucho sentido
    you're not making sense
    lo que dices no tiene sentido
    to make sense of something
    entender algo
    I can't make sense of this letter
    no logro entender esta carta
    he writes in order to try and make sense of his own experience
    escribe para tratar de interpretar sus propias experiencias
    5.2 (be sensible) I thought that what he said made a lot of sense
    me pareció que lo que dijo era muy razonable or sensato
    it makes sense to invest in gold
    conviene invertir en oro
    it makes no sense to hire more staff now
    no tiene mucho sentido contratar más personal en este momento
    it doesn't make economic sense
    no es recomendable desde el punto de vista económico
  • 6 (opinion) [formal]
    consenso (masculine) de opinión
    opinión (feminine) general

transitive verb

  • 1 (be aware of) I sensed that they weren't very happy
    sentí or intuí que no estaban muy contentos
    Example sentences
    • Her father sensed her fear and discomfort and drew her to one side.
    • His father must have sensed it too, because he pulled away and turned around and left, pretty quickly.
    • Growing up in a bad neighborhood in Chicago had made Randy able to sense certain things.
  • 2 (detect) (Technology)
    Example sentences
    • The device can also be configured to provide different audible sounds for different movements that are sensed by the device.
    • The study by Goodman et al is an example of a study using an objective technique for measuring inhaler skills, a computer sensing device.
    • Modern sensing devices detect objects or terrain disturbances even though they are well camouflaged.
  • 3 (understand)
    darse cuenta de
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