There are 2 translations of shadow in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈʃædəʊ/


  • 1 c u (unlit area) sombra (f) the trees cast long shadows across the road los árboles proyectaban su larga sombra hacia el otro lado del camino he walked along keeping to the shadows caminó sin apartarse de la sombra the shadow of war la sombra de la guerra the kitten was chasing its own shadow el gatito trataba de atrapar su sombra to have shadows under one's eyes tener* ojeras his five o'clock shadow was very noticeable ya se le empezaba a notar mucho la barba she had a shadow of a mustache tenía una sombra de bigote to be afraid of one's own shadow tener* miedo hasta de su propia sombra to cast a shadow over sth ensombrecer* or empañar algo to cast a long shadow over sth ensombrecer* algo her death cast a long shadow over the festivities su muerte ensombreció las festividades to live in the shadow of sb vivir eclipsado por algn
    More example sentences
    • Two Senshi sat there watching some displays, their shapes casting huge shadows in the fain light from the monitors.
    • One of his favorite motifs was the mermaid whose undulating body allowed light to cast shadows over the surface.
    • The Peledrim Forest itself looked sinister and forbidding, and the trees cast long shadows in the dim light of the setting sun.
  • 2 2.1 c (remnant, vestige) sombra (f) she was a shadow of her former self no era ni sombra de lo que había sido to wear oneself to a shadow agotarse trabajando 2.2 (trace) (no pl) a shadow of hope un atisbo de esperanza without the slightest shadow of (a) doubt sin la más mínima (sombra de) duda
    More example sentences
    • My favorite haunt in London, without a shadow of a doubt!
    • But suddenly, he knew without a shadow of a doubt who this woman was.
    • The last thing she remembered seeing was the smirking face of Kyle Stratford, and she knew without a shadow of a doubt that they had been set up.
    More example sentences
    • That is to say, a facsimile, a carbon copy, a wisp of a ghost of a shadow of a bagel.
    • In memory only part of experiences are seen as they really were, while others fade into a shadow of themselves.
    • Wall Street and the City would be a shadow of themselves.
  • 3 c (person, detective)persona que sigue a algn de cerca to put a shadow on sb hacer* seguir a algn
    More example sentences
    • She had become her shadow, following her around like a string.
    More example sentences
    • Being fascinated by the beauty of the park, she never noticed the shadow following her.
    • I already had a shadow and another shadow following my other shadow.
    More example sentences
    • My apprentice, who is my faithful shadow, and I discuss and analyze the day's events.
    More example sentences
    • No wonder he landed the post of shadow arts minister, albeit briefly.
    • Each group drafted a ‘chapter’ as the basis of every shadow minister's policy.
    • Here the culture secretary defends her record, and shadow arts minister Hugo Swire and senior British archaeologists present an alternative view.
  • 4Cabinet c (BrE) [Pol] (before n) the shadow cabinet el gabinete fantasma or en la sombra shadow Chancellor (in (UK) ) portavoz (mf) de la oposición en asuntos de Economía y Hacienda he was shadow Education Secretary era el portavoz de la oposición para asuntos de educación

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There are 2 translations of shadow in Spanish:



  • 1 (darken) (often pass) [garden/house] ensombrecer*
    More example sentences
    • The bright, clear light in his paintings appears like an Arts and Crafts article of faith, casting aside the heavily shadowed tonalities of the Victorians.
    • She had her hood up, shadowing her face once again, but the cloak couldn't cover her sensible attire - in fact, the same attire she always wore - since she was riding.
    • Their faces were pale, but one did not know if they had eyes or ears, for they wore a hood that shadowed their faces.
  • 2 (follow) [suspect] seguir* de cerca a
    More example sentences
    • I was shadowed last night by a couple of blacksuits.
    • ‘If they are shadowing us,’ Garcia said, ‘they'll track us to the moon.’
    • The British ships could only hope to shadow her at ever-increasing distances, rather than pursue her.

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