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(past tense of/pasado de sank past participle of/participio pasado de, sunk)
Pronunciation: /sɪŋk/

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo

  • 1 1.1 (in water) [ship/stone] hundirse the sediment sinks to the bottom of the jar el sedimento se deposita en el fondo del frasco to leave sb to sink or swim abandonar a algn a su suerte we're both in this and we sink or swim together los dos estamos metidos en esto así que, o salimos a flote, o nos hundimos juntos
    More example sentences
    • The rock promptly sank below the surface, submerging the hook and its bait.
    • It skipped several times before it sunk down below the surface.
    • That part became waterlogged, so it sunk below the surface, but didn't lose its ability to float.
    More example sentences
    • What do you grab onto when the ship is sinking and the waters are closing over your head?
    • We kept getting closer and closer to the water as the ship sank.
    • The government's response was to distance itself from the tragedy, claiming repeatedly that the boat had sunk in Indonesian waters.
    1.2 (subside) to sink (into sth) [building/foundations] hundirse (en algo) he sank back into the chair se arrellanó en el sillón I sank (down) onto a bench me dejé caer en un banco he sank to his knees cayó de rodillas she sank to the floor se desplomó en el suelo the cliffs sank below the horizon los acantilados se perdieron en el horizonte
    More example sentences
    • Walking was tiresome as his feet sank into the surface by 4 or 5 inches every step.
    • As I walked in my feet sank into the thick cream carpet.
    • The waves slowly rolled over her feet as they sunk into the wet sand.
    More example sentences
    • In May 1884 C.W. Marsh was sinking a trial shaft hoping to find gold but only found indications of fossils.
    • Three shafts had been sunk, the deepest more than forty metres.
    • The shaft had been sunk an additional 2,518 feet since the start of the project and now had an inclined depth of 6,818 feet.
    1.3 (lapse) [person]to sink into sth hundirse en algo the family had sunk into poverty la familia se había hundido en la miseria she sank into a coma entró en coma she sank back into obscurity volvió a caer en el olvido
  • 2 (fall, drop) [water/level] descender*, bajar; [price/value] caer* a pique; [attendance/output/morale] decaer*, bajar her voice sank to a whisper su voz se convirtió en un susurro the pound has sunk to an all-time low la libra ha alcanzado el nivel más bajo en la historia she has sunk in my estimation ha bajado en mi estima
    More example sentences
    • We were nearing one of Italy's most horrid swamps, and the ground beneath us sank freely underneath our feet.
    • It is that time of year when the sun sinks lower in the sky and thoughts of the culturally cognizant turn once again to the 17th Annual Vancouver Fringe Festival.
    • In the evenings we gathered on the porch as the sun sank low and watched the animals come in.
    More example sentences
    • As the Protestant middle classes began to withdraw from Unionist politics, the quality of the candidates sank and the party stagnated.
    • Shares in high profile orange juice company Charlie's have sunk 33 percent in value in the past two days.
    • Conversely, falling values will see the same line sinking toward the 0 value.
  • 3 3.1 (decline) declinar she's sinking fast se está apagando rápidamente 3.2 (degenerate) degradarse I'd never sink so low nunca caería tan bajo 3.3 (be discouraged) my heart sank se me cayó el alma a los pies he walked toward her with (a) sinking heart acongojado, se dirigió hacia donde estaba ella that sinking feeling (British English/inglés británico) esa desazón, ese desaliento

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • 1 1.1 [ship] hundir; [object/body] hundir, sumergir* 1.2 (ruin) [plan/business] hundir, hacer* naufragar, acabar con; [person] hundir, acabar con
    More example sentences
    • Nevertheless, although the movie's self-importance causes the project to take on water, it fails to sink it.
    • The bid was finally sunk last weekend when the existing course could not stand up to torrential rain.
    • Their public revelation of the deal's contents even before the votes were cast looked very much like a bid to sink a free and open election.
    More example sentences
    • Exhausted, Ben sank into the chair and dropped his head against the bed.
    • The attack continued even when the man had sunk to his knees.
    • She struggled to get up but failed miserably as she sunk back down.
    1.3 (immerse) to sink sb in sth sumir a algn en algo the news sank us all in gloom la noticia nos sumió a todos en la tristeza
    More example sentences
    • One Carthaginian sea captain sank his ship rather than let his charts fall into Roman hands.
    • Submarines were supposed to surface and give crews time to abandon ship before sinking their vessels.
    • So, Ford wants to sink the ship rather than allow the flagship of the Russian sub fleet get into enemy hands.
  • 2 (bury, hide) [pipe/cable] enterrar*, esconder
    More example sentences
    • Gaining what we presume is the Alexandra Glacier, we rope up and simul-climb for the next three hours, occasionally sinking an ice screw.
    • This smooth and more experienced screwdriver had strengths mine did not, and it sunk the remaining loose screws deep into the wood.
    • A hammer might sink a screw, but a screwdriver would be more efficient and effective.
  • 3 3.1 (drive in)to sink sth in/into sth the dog sank its teeth into my thigh el perro me clavó or me hincó los dientes en el muslo she sank the knife into his back le hundió or le clavó el cuchillo en la espalda 3.2 (excavate) [shaft] abrir*, excavar; [well] perforar, abrir*
    More example sentences
    • The dog sinks his teeth into the young man's meatballs.
    • There's nothing your native Korean likes better than to sink his teeth into a dog, a reversal of the age-old trend.
    • He snaps at her with his sharp teeth and sinks them into her paw.
  • 4 (invest) to sink sth in/into sth invertir* algo en algo
  • 5 5.1 [Sport/Deporte] [ball/putt] meter ([ en el hoyo ]) he sank two baskets encestó dos veces 5.2 (drink) (British English/inglés británico) [colloquial/familiar], tragarse* [colloquial/familiar], zamparse [colloquial/familiar]
    More example sentences
    • The men were moved to sink their drinks and shuffle to a safer distance.
    • They perform in each one, sink a few drinks, and move on.
    • The Barbarians skipper Ian Jones will have sunk a few beers last night as the incomparable Kiwi had just played his last game of rugby.
    More example sentences
    • Clarkie sank a ball and snookered Dave but this just made him play with more determination.
    • Gray got a snooker, then sank the last red, potted a great black and cleared up to win the frame 54-53 for 8-8.
    • What kind of professional pool player doesn't know that you have to sink the black ball last?
    More example sentences
    • Your best chance for making birdies is to sink some long putts - and avoid the dreaded three-putt.
    • We got to the end of the first hole and Warren sank a putt for par.
    • Scott was in the same bunker and got out and sank a good putt for a birdie.
  • 6 (forget) olvidar, dejar a un lado to sink one's differences olvidar or dejar a un lado sus ( or nuestras etc) diferencias
    More example sentences
    • He has appealed to all doctors to sink their differences and come together in the larger interests of the doctors' community.
    • Where village welfare is concerned, these fishermen sink their differences and work together for the overall good of everyone.
    • The sheikh also hoped that the leaders will try to sink their differences for the best interest of the movement.

Phrasal verbs

sink in

verb + adverb/verbo + adverbio
[colloquial/familiar] I can't believe we've won, it hasn't sunk in yet todavía no me convenzo de que hayamos ganado it finally sank in that we weren't going to get paid finalmente nos dimos cuenta or caímos en la cuenta de que no nos iban a pagar it still hasn't sunk in that he's dead todavía no ha ( or han etc) asumido el hecho de que ha muerto

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There are 2 translations of sink in Spanish:



  • 2 (evil place) [literary/literario] a sink of wickedness un antro de perdición

Definition of sink in: