Translation of slap in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /slæp/

transitive verb/verbo transitivo (-pp-)

  • 1 1.1 (hit) to slap sb (on face) pegarle* or darle* una bofetada or (in Latin America also/en América Latina también) una cachetada a algn, abofetear a algn, cachetear a algn (Latin America/América Latina) (on arm, leg) pegarle* or darle* una palmada a algn to slap sb on the back darle* una palmada or una palmadita a algn en la espalda
    More example sentences
    • The boy smirked and reached out his palm, which was slapped extremely hard by the rest of his gang.
    • Julianna shouted, standing up and slapping her palms down flat on her desk.
    • A traffic cop pounced on them and, screaming abuses, began slapping one of the men, who could not even shield himself for fear that the cart would go out of control.
    1.2 [ball] darle* a
    More example sentences
    • This can be done using metal to sound like thunder, or meat slapped against a block to imitate a punch.
    • Sweat soon coated her forehead and slicked her arms as her skin slapped against the skin of strangers.
    • The wrapper flew off, carried by its momentum, and slapped against the wall ten feet to my right.
  • 2 2.1 (put with force) tirar she slapped the contract down on the desk tiró or [colloquial/familiar] plantó el contrato en el escritorio 2.2 (put, apply carelessly) she slapped the food onto my plate me tiró la comida en el plato he slapped some paint on it le dio una mano de pintura rápidamente slap on lots of butter échale or ponle bastante mantequilla she slapped cream all over her face se embadurnó la cara de crema
    More example sentences
    • The girl took her hand off my mouth and quickly slapped a strip of duct tape over it.
    • He quickly slapped it away and yelled at her to get the hell out of there.
    • Megan quickly slapped her hand away from her mouth and gave her a reproving look.
    2.3 (impose) [colloquial/familiar]to slap sth on sb/sth they slapped another 5% on the price le encajaron un 5% de aumento al precio [colloquial/familiar] they slapped on a massive surcharge hicieron un recargo brutal [colloquial/familiar]to slap sb with sth (American English/inglés norteamericano) we've been slapped with a large fine nos han encajado or metido un multazo [colloquial/familiar]
    More example sentences
    • The mum of a disabled boy today hit out at a parking warden who slapped a fine on their specially adapted car - because it overhung the bay.
    • The parking wardens have no problem and are very quick at slapping fines on people who park illegally around Portlaoise.
    • The get tough stance comes just a few weeks after parking attendants in the town were criticised for slapping fines on coaches picking up children from a Christmas pantomime.

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo (-pp-)


  • (on face) bofetada (feminine), cachetada (feminine) (Latin America/América Latina) ; (on back, leg) palmada (feminine) to give sb a slap darle* una bofetada or (in Latin America also/en América Latina también) una cachetada a algn to get a slap llevarse una bofetada or (in Latin America also/en América Latina también) una cachetada he gave me a slap on the back me dio una palmada or una palmadita en la espalda a slap in the face (rebuff, insult) una bofetada a slap on the wrist un tirón de orejas [colloquial/familiar], un palmetazo


  • [colloquial/familiar] the ball struck him slap in the face la pelota le dio en plena cara or de lleno en la cara she walked slap into the tree se dio de narices contra el árbol I arrived slap in the middle of the meeting llegué justo en plena reunión

Phrasal verbs

slap down

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object/verbo + complemento + adverbio, verbo + adverbio + complemento
[colloquial/familiar] bajarle los humos a [colloquial/familiar]

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