There are 2 translations of sort in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /sɔːrt; sɔːt/


  • 1 (kind, type) 1.1 (of things) tipo (m), clase (f) all sorts of adventures todo tipo or toda clase de aventuras, aventuras de todo tipo or de toda clase, todo género or toda suerte de aventuras [literario/literary] what sort of car is it? ¿qué tipo or clase de coche es? it's definitely my sort of film/book decididamente, este es el tipo or la clase de película/libro que a mí me gusta it's a nice enough place, if you like that sort of thing es un sitio bastante agradable, si te gusta ese tipo de cosa and all that sort of thing y todo eso you know the sort of thing I mean ya sabes a lo que me refiero I believe he's a musician or something of the sort creo que es músico o algo por el estilo what sort of time do you call this to be coming home? ¿qué horas son estas de llegar a casa? behavior of that sort will not be tolerated no se tolerará ese tipo de comportamiento don't tell lies: I didn't say anything of the sort no digas mentiras: no dije nada semejante I expected him to be arrogant, but he was nothing of the sort creía que iba a ser arrogante, pero no lo era en absoluto you'll do nothing of the sort! ¡ni se te ocurra!
    More example sentences
    • All sorts of different kinds of property are treated differently by the law, not just intellectual property.
    • All sorts of implications go racing through your mind at this time and I wanted to share these with you.
    • All sorts of cries started to ring out from the animals - starting first with the large black birds flying overhead.
    1.2 (of people) she's not the sort to let you down no es de las que te fallan I'm not that sort of girl yo no soy de esas they're not our sort (of people) at all no son gente como uno that's the sort of person he is él es así I know your sort (BrE) ya sé de qué pie cojeas a bad/good sort (BrE) una mala/buena persona it takes all sorts (to make a world) hay de todo en la viña del Señor 1.3 (approximating to) a sort of osort of a una especie de he's a sort of painter o he's sort of a painter es una especie de pintor it's sort of a bluish-green color es una especie de verde azulado
  • 2 (in phrases) of sorts, of a sort he gave us a meal of sorts nos dio una comida, si se le puede llamar comida you could say he was a friend of a sort, I suppose supongo que se lo podría calificar de amigo sort of [colloquial/familiar] I do sort of think we should do something creo que quizás deberíamos hacer algo it's sort of sad to think of him all alone da como pena pensar que está solo [familiar/colloquial] do you want to go? — well, sort of ¿quieres ir? — bueno, en cierto modo sí this is what you wanted, isn't it? — well, sort of es lo que querías ¿no? — bueno, más o menos out of sorts mal, pachucho (Esp) [familiar/colloquial] I'm feeling a bit out of sorts no me encuentro muy bien

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There are 2 translations of sort in Spanish:



  • 1.1 (classify) [papers/stamps/letters/parcels] clasificar* we were sorted into groups according to our level nos pusieron en grupos de acuerdo a or según nuestro nivel sort the ones with job experience from the ones without divídelos en dos grupos según tengan o no experiencia laboral
    More example sentences
    • The study sorted out the data according to the competitiveness of the race.
    • The children sorted the materials and organized the area.
    • Playing with different sizes of sticks or stones and making designs or sorting pieces of fabric represent pre-mathematics.
    More example sentences
    • The important thing is to get the music to them so they can sort through a selection and make their choices.
    • Once a good number of pics has been received we will sort through them and select the top ten to vote for.
    • The storm of comments has forced the provincial government to delay releasing the study's final guidelines while it sorts through and incorporates the comments into the document.
    1.2 (mend) arreglar
    More example sentences
    • However, some expect the group to emerge form bankruptcy sometime next year, once it has sorted its problems.
    • But the bulk of the problem is that social work departments are not incentivised to sort this problem.
    • Either way we need to sort out poverty and sustainability together or neither will be sorted.


  • (accord) [literario/literary] to sort ill/well with sth no concordar*/concordar* con algo

Phrasal verbs

sort out

v + o + adv, v + adv + o
1.1 (put in order) [books/photos] ordenar, poner* en orden; [desk/room] ordenar; [finances] organizar* I needed the break to sort myself out necesitaba el respiro para poner mis pensamientos en orden 1.2 (separate out) separar sort out the new ones from the old ones separa los nuevos de los viejos sort out the ones you want to keep aparta or separa los que quieras conservar 1.1 2.1 (arrange) (BrE) [date] fijar; [deal/compromise] llegar* a have you sorted out your holiday yet? ¿ya tienes las vacaciones organizadas?, ¿ya has arreglado tus vacaciones? 2.2 (resolve) [problem/dispute] solucionar; [misunderstanding/muddle] aclarar things will sort themselves out ya se arreglará todo I haven't yet sorted out what I'm going to do todavía no he decidido qué voy a hacer 1.2 (deal with) (BrE) [colloquial/familiar] the new teacher soon sorted them out el nuevo profesor enseguida los metió en cintura or los hizo entrar en vereda [familiar/colloquial] leave him to me, I'll sort him out! déjame a mí, que yo ya lo voy a arreglar [familiar/colloquial]

sort through

v + prep + o
[papers/files] revisar

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