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American English: /spɪn/
British English: /spɪn/

Translation of spin in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (act) to give something a spin
    hacer girar algo
    I'll give his new hit a spin later [colloquial]
    dentro de un rato les voy a pasar su último hit
    dentro de un rato les voy a poner su último hit
    dentro de un rato les voy a pinchar su último hit (Spain) [colloquial]
    1.2 countable (in washing machine) give the sheets a spin
    centrifuga las sábanas
    this load's on its final spin
    esta carga está en el último ciclo de centrifugado
    (before noun) (speed/program)
    de centrifugado
    Example sentences
    • To topple their rivals, Zhao dreams of launching Shen into mid-air with the spin to whirl an additional 360 degrees and still touch down in stride.
    • As a fired bullet travels through the barrel, the grooves guide the bullet and give it a rapid spin.
    • Starting with the German Wheel act, Canadian Shayne Courtright deftly balanced himself in his spins, turns, twists of a wheel without losing ground.
    Example sentences
    • The Conference of Mayors made a somewhat bizarre attempt to put a positive spin on the survey's findings.
    • Despite efforts to put a positive spin on the outcome, the only concrete decision was that negotiations would continue.
    • Some boards like to put a positive spin on it as they did when I was on the board of trustees for a very large girls school.
    1.3 uncountable (on ball) (Sport) to put spin on the ball
    lanzar la pelota con efecto
    Example sentences
    • For me the star attraction of the team was the mystery spinner from Australia, Jack Iverson, who took to cricket after practising spin with a table tennis ball.
    • Even a slightly damp clubface hinders your ability to impart spin on the ball, reducing your ability to draw and fade the shot on command.
    • The clubface will be closing when it contacts the ball, imparting right-to-left spin.
  • 2 countable 2.1 (of aircraft)
    barrena (feminine)
    caída (feminine) en espiral
    to go into a spin to be in a (flat) spin
    estar muy confuso or confundido
    estar sin saber qué hacer or qué pensar
    Example sentences
    • The Texan then entered a spin, descended rapidly and collided with the ground.
    • Controls were also reported to be heavy when flying at high speeds, or at the beginning of a spin or snap roll.
    • An airplane in a spin does not gain airspeed and its rate of descent is relatively slow.
    2.2 (Motor Vehicles) he went into a spin on lap 16
    sufrió un trompo en la vuelta 16
    Example sentences
    • The trip offers a local spin, like libations at a logger bar and a shuttle back to Schweitzer in county school buses.
    • Look out for the MF03 Mini sponsored by Williams, taking a spin through the town with our models.
    • He makes trouble for Mathieu, even ‘borrowing’ his Volvo for a spin through town.
  • 3 countable (ride) [colloquial]to go for a spin
    ir a dar un paseo or una vuelta en coche ( or en moto etc. )
    ir a dar un garbeo (Spain) [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • If we say that voting 51 percent makes something right, then I think we in this country are in for a rather rough old spin.
    • I want to say right upfront that I think I have had an incredibly rough spin from the Chair today.
    • Had a letter from Georgie today & she's had a rotten spin for two months - no doubt you've heard all about it by now.
  • 4 uncountable (bias)
    interpretación (feminine) favorable (no imparcial)

transitive verb present participle spinning past tense spun or [archaic] span past participle spun

  • 1 1.1 (turn)
    hacer girar
    hacer girar or bailar
    he spun the coin on the table
    hizo girar la moneda (sobre su canto) sobre la mesa
    Example sentences
    • Pandora spun round quickly and came eye to eye with Alexei who was smiling down at her.
    • He spun round quickly so that he was almost facing her, and spoke in an urgent tone.
    • Tanya spun round, her chair falling with a clatter.
    darle efecto a
    darle chanfle a (Latin America)
    Example sentences
    • The ball spun viciously, and forced a great touch from the keeper.
    • In the old days, they used to tell you to turn a little sideways and move into the pitch because the ball was spinning and would move away from the plate once it hit the dirt.
    • As they pushed Stewartry, gaining a succession of penalties, the ball spun wide to be knocked on, ironically, by Smith with the line in sight.
  • 2 2.1
    Example sentences
    • In another building, not far from where the sewing is taking place, cotton is spun into yarn and turned into a material.
    • Raw flax and wool was spun into yarn, this was then dyed or bleached, woven into cloth and then cut and sewn into the garments their families needed.
    • In these interior images, figures read aloud, spin wool, and converse with one another.
    Example sentences
    • The alternative Houston weekly that broke the story spun the tale as one of Olafson using his blog to rat on local politicians.
    • Public relations firms spun stories to show why big oil companies were not at all to blame.
    • I expect the British media to spin the story, to tell us selective or partial truths… that's an inevitable consequence of being human, really.
  • 3 3.1
    he spins a good tale
    sabe contar cuentos
    3.2 (interpret with bias)
    darle una sesgo positivo a
    sesgar favorablemente

intransitive verb present participle spinning past tense spun or [archaic] span past participle spun

  • 1 1.1 (rotate)
    the rear wheels spun in the mud
    las ruedas de atrás giraban en falso en el barro
    she spun on her heel my head is spinning
    la cabeza me da vueltas
    (washing machine)
    1.3 (move rapidly) (+ adverb complement)
    dar vueltas
    it spun through the air
    dio vueltas por el aire
    the glass spun across the table
    el vaso fue rodando por la mesa
    the blow sent her spinning across the room
    el golpe la mandó dando tumbos al otro lado de la habitación
    the car spun out of control
    el coche sufrió un trompo
    el coche empezó a dar vueltas sin control
    1.4 (Aviation)
    caer en barrena
  • 2 (draw out threads)
    Example sentences
    • These strong, thick ropes are spun using hundreds and even thousands of steel wires.
    • Yet, not even the largest hosiery mills of England spun their own thread.
    • He went inside and came across a beautiful woman spinning golden thread.

Phrasal verbs

spin along

verb + adverb

spin out

1verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
verb + adverb (car/driver) (US) [colloquial]
dar un patinazo
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