There are 2 translations of sponge in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /spʌndʒ/


  • 1 1.1 c [Zool] esponja (f)
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    • Other images are just as mystifying the spine of a sea urchin, sharks' teeth, sponges and ascidians, to name a few.
    • Chinese scholar's rocks, coral and sponges come to mind.
    1.2 c (for bath) esponja (f) throw in 3
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    • This increases insulation and avoids the need for surface treatment, while the vegetation absorbs rain like a sponge, reducing or at least delaying run-off.
    • These people just don't sip, they imbibe, they absorb liquor like dehydrated sponges, letting the story-soothing booze flow through their veins until it seeps from their pores in the squalid stench of defeat.
    • Be a sponge - absorb as much inspiration as you can from watching other artists perform.
    1.3 (wipe) [colloquial/familiar] (no pl) give your face a quick sponge pásate una esponja ( or una toalla húmeda etc) por la cara
  • 2 c u [Culin] sponge (cake) bizcocho (m), bizcochuelo (m) (CS) (before n) sponge pudding (BrE) budín (m) or pudín (m) de bizcocho
    More example sentences
    • Eat hot with warm sponge cake or madeleines or eat thoroughly chilled aside a little mound of equal quantities of thick yoghurt and whipped cream.
    • Sometimes a different fruit is used and some cooks may substitute sponge cake for shortcake; but no alternative version can match the excellence of the original.
    • Arrowroot, a major cash crop, is used in desserts, including arrowroot sponge cake and arrowroot custard.

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There are 2 translations of sponge in Spanish:



  • 1 (clean) pasar una esponja ( or una toalla húmeda etc) por sponge your face pásate una esponja ( or una toalla húmeda etc) por la cara to sponge the dirt off sth limpiar algo con una esponja/con un trapo
    More example sentences
    • Then she pulled the soiled blankets from beneath him, before sponging him down as she had the previous evening and wrapping him in a fresh set of sheets.
    • She gently sponged Priss’ back, watching the muscles flex against her movement.
    • Once he had been sponged and dressed by silent attendants, Hakida had lead him to a carriage and ushered him inside, then on the bumpy ride to the Vistula Temple beneath black clouds informed him of what he was to do.

Phrasal verbs

sponge down

v + o + adv, v + adv + o
[person/horse] pasarle una esponja mojada a; [wall] limpiar con una esponja mojada

sponge up

v + o + adv, v + adv + o
[liquid/spillage] limpiar (con una esponja)

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