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American English: /stæmp/
British English: /stamp/

Translation of stamp in Spanish:


  • 3 (character) his work bears the stamp of genius
    su obra lleva la impronta or el sello (distintivo) de la genialidad
    a principal who left her stamp on the institute
    una directora que dejó su impronta or huella en el instituto
    a woman of that stamp [formal]
    una mujer como ella
    Example sentences
    • The courts in this country, besides, have put their final stamp of authority on the authenticity of her citizenship.
    • The vessels they made out of clay had the stamp of genius.
    • The recording is excellent and the performance has the stamp of authenticity.
  • 4 (sound) we could hear the stamp of marching feet
    oíamos pasos de marcha

transitive verb

  • 1 (with foot)
    dar una patada en
    to stamp one's foot
    dar una patada en el suelo
    to stamp something down
    apisonar algo
    Example sentences
    • Jeter, pouting and petulant, stamped his feet and flung his hat around in the dugout.
    • Madelaine Hudson sang and played guitar, accompanied by African drums and pennywhistle, then a group of belly dancers from Orbost got the crowd clapping their hands and stamping their feet.
    • His feet stamped hard on the ground, like a steady beat of the drum issuing a warning.
  • 2
    ponerle sellos ( or estampillas etc. ) a
    estampillar (Latin America)
    timbrar (Mexico)
    send a self-addressed stamped envelope
    envíe un sobre franqueado or (Latin America also) estampillado or (Mexico) timbrado con su dirección
    Example sentences
    • On August 31, 2001, Kitty stamped her last letter as postmistress of the local post office.
    • They then have to be folded and put into envelopes to be stamped.
    • We have no idea of Joe's medical history, but were we to see his files, they would be stamped in bold, red letters: SANE.
  • 3 3.1
    he stamped the invoice with the date
    selló la factura con la fecha
    Example sentences
    • Once bowls are tested by an official tester, they will be stamped with an oval logo inside. which is the number 11.
    • Lay the fabric over the design, and stamp the fabric in areas to complement the embroidery.
    • The metallic surface has been stamped and antiqued using Adirondack Alcohol inks.
    3.2 the words were stamped on her memory
    tenía las palabras grabadas en la memoria
    she stamped her personal style on the company
    dejó su impronta en la compañía
    le imprimió su sello personal a la compañía
    Example sentences
    • Hollow-back shovels are usually stamped from a metal sheet that's rolled over to create a depression called a frog.
    • Meireles's marionette is stamped from thin rubber and was suspended from a rotating rod at the ceiling.
    • Some bills are stamped from playful denominations carved into insulation boards.

intransitive verb

  • 1 (with foot)
    dar patadas en el suelo
  • 2 (walk) she stamped upstairs/out of the room
    subió la escalera/salió de la casa pisando fuerte

Phrasal verbs

stamp on

verb + preposition + object
rechazar de plano
cortarle las alas a

stamp out

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
1 2 (suppress)
3 (punch out)
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