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American English: /stɑr/
British English: /stɑː/

Translation of star in Spanish:


  • 1 (Astrology, Astronomy) (astral body)
    (visible in the sky at night) estrella (feminine)
    the morning star
    el lucero del alba or de la mañana
    it's (written) in the stars
    está escrito
    what do the stars foretell today?
    ¿qué dicen los astros para hoy?
    ¿qué dice el horóscopo para hoy?
    to be born under a lucky/an unlucky star
    nacer con buena/mala estrella
    to see stars to thank one's lucky stars [colloquial]
    dar gracias al cielo
    Example sentences
    • This new heat supply causes the outer layers of the star to expand and cool, and the star becomes a red giant, or a red supergiant if it is very massive.
    • But Tarenghi is most thrilled about the observations of pulsating stars known as Cepheid variables.
    • Later, astronomers further scrutinized this star with the Hubble Space Telescope.
    Example sentences
    • Castor's skill with horses is said to be shared by those born under the influence of the star.
    • No-one could escape the influence of the stars, he was alleged to be telling them, and it was therefore as well to know one's own future from a chart-reading.
    • Cavalcanti berated the philosopher for giving so much consideration to the influence of the stars.
  • 2 the Star of David
    la estrella de David
    a four-star hotel
    un hotel de cuatro estrellas
    two-/four-star petrol (British)
    gasolina (feminine) normal/súper
    (Río de la Plata) nafta (feminine) normal/súper
    bencina (feminine) corriente/especial (Andes)
    Example sentences
    • Local authorities can receive up to three stars - indicating excellent - for their performance.
    • The star ratings were awarded after all trusts were assessed against key targets from April 2003 to March 2004.
    • The project received one star, in a system where no stars indicates poor and three excellent.
    Example sentences
    • Why is there a star next to some users' names on the active users lists?
  • 3 (celebrity) she became a star overnight
    se convirtió en una estrella or alcanzó el estrellato de la noche a la mañana
    a movie star (before noun) star attraction
    atracción (feminine) estelar or especial
    star performance
    actuación (feminine) estelar
    his star pupil
    su alumno estrella
    su alumno más brillante or destacado
    she's got star quality
    tiene madera de estrella
    star role star witness
    testigo (masculine or feminine) principal
    Example sentences
    • Well, former Major League Baseball player Jose Canseco has said some of the biggest stars in his sport used steroids.
    • Sports stars can be incredibly talented, innovative and breathtaking, but they're not geniuses.
    • The leading aviators became as famous as sports stars and Hollywood actors.

transitive verb present participle starring past tense, past participle starred

  • 1 (Cinema, Theatre, Television)the famous film which starred Bogart and Bergman
    la famosa película que tuvo como protagonistas a Bogart y Bergman
    '2005', starring Mike Kirnon
    '2005', con (la actuación estelar de) Mike Kirnon
    Example sentences
    • While in New York, he bumped into David Rubinoff, the playwright responsible for Stuck, a one-man show starring Sean Power that Zotter had seen and loved in Toronto.
    • The play starring Anna Manahan and Des Keogh is a much-loved favourite not only in the county but internationally and was recently nominated for an outer critic circle award in New York.
    • When I was 4, I went backstage at a play starring Tony Robinson.
    Example sentences
    • The actress has starred in films such as Something About Mary, Vanilla Sky and last year's epic Gangs of New York and is one of Tinseltown's hottest stars.
    • The Glenrothes-born actor has also starred in films such as Mission Impossible II and Ripley's Game.
    • In 1986, she starred in the title role in Trevor Nunn's film Lady Jane, about the ill-fated nine-day queen, Lady Jane Grey.
  • 2 (mark)
    marcar con un asterisco
    Example sentences
    • Items are starred according to their relative importance and whether the committee is recommended to approve the action or policy, or to provide comment.
    • Hotels in France are regulated and starred according to price, so rates are posted up front, helping to avoid the price-comparison and guessing game you often have to play in the States.

intransitive verb present participle starring past tense, past participle starred

  • she has starred in several films
    ha protagonizado varias películas
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