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American English: /stɔr/
British English: /stɔː/

Translation of store in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 countable and uncountable (stock, supply) to keep a store of something
    tener una reserva or provisión de algo
    she has a vast store of witty anecdotes
    tiene una enorme colección de anécdotas graciosas
    he has a store of experience to draw on
    tiene el recurso de su amplia experiencia
    in storewe always keep some drink in store
    siempre tenemos bebida de reserva
    there's a surprise in store for her
    la espera una sorpresa
    se va a llevar una sorpresa
    knowing what was in store, she left home
    sabiendo lo que la esperaba, se fue de la casa
    we have a surprise in store for you
    te tenemos (preparada) una sorpresa
    who knows what the future has in store?
    ¿quién sabe lo que nos deparará el futuro?
    to set great/little store by something
    dar mucho/poco valor a algo
    Example sentences
    • Here, the dollar is ubiquitous as a store of value, a measure of wealth and a pricing mechanism.
    • Fittingly, this book provides a store of fascinating insights for those who love him, and a supply of brickbats for those who don't.
    • Kerr is fortunate to have such a store of commitment at hand.
    also: stores plural
    (Military, Nautical)
    Example sentences
    • For Sgt Nathan Walsh, this means stores and equipment from Australia have arrived.
    • The ship carries provisions and stores for battalion transportation for more than ten days.
    • The supply of stores to the ship, which required a detailed and lengthy programme, is now well under way.
  • 2 (warehouse, storage place) (often plural) he works in the store(s)
    trabaja en el almacén or en el depósito or (Mexico) en la bodega
    all our furniture is in store (British)
    tenemos todos los muebles en depósito or en un guardamuebles
    Example sentences
    • The service says that there are 384 000 tons in the licensed public stores, grain depositories and the mills.
    • The sale includes a shop with floor space of 216 square metres and a store of 12 square metres.
    • As Ray opened the door to a store of some sort, Rhea saw all of the weapons and armors.

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (keep)
    (Business) (goods)
    store in a cool, dry place
    consérvese en un lugar fresco y seco
    we have nowhere to store those files
    no tenemos donde guardar esos archivos
    the children's old toys are stored (away) in the attic
    los juguetes viejos de los niños están guardados en el desván
    energy is stored in the body in the form of fat
    el cuerpo almacena or acumula energía en forma de grasa
    Example sentences
    • Gareth took note and he took to a search for a suitable island to store his accumulated loot.
    • Psychics say storing things causes corresponding accumulations in our bodies - a horrifying thought for hoarders.
    • Even the biggest bookstores don't have enough room to store a fraction of the new books that wash in and out, like foam on a tide.
    1.2 (Computing)
    Example sentences
    • In these solutions, confidential information is stored on a secure Web server.
    • Information is stored on the card and updated every time it is used in a transaction.
    • This information will be stored on a special website so pupils can record and learn about the main issues in recycling and managing waste in the region.
  • 2 2.1 (put in store)
    mandar a un depósito or a un guardamuebles
    2.2 (stock, supply)to store something with something
    abastecer algo de algo
    to store a ship with provisions
    abastecer un barco de provisiones

intransitive verb

  • (fruit/vegetables)

adjective store-boughtPronunciation: /ˈstɔːrbɔːt/, /ˈstɔːbɔːt/

Phrasal verbs

store up

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
1 (accumulate)
hacer acopio de
2 (build up)
ir acumulando
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