Translation of straighten in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈstreɪtn/


  • 1.1 (make straight) [nail/wire] enderezar*; [hair] alisar, estirar; [bedclothes/tablecloth] estirar; [picture] enderezar*, poner* derecho he straightened his tie se enderezó la corbata that hem needs straightening hay que igualar or redondear ese dobladillo I've had my teeth straightened me he hecho enderezar los dientes straighten your back ponte derecho
    More example sentences
    • He straightened his tie, adjusted the suit coat fractionally, and marched back toward the elevators.
    • The mine company straightened the river, which used to run right through the park.
    • After the road straightens, look for a spacious car park on the left.
    1.2 (tidy) [room/papers] arreglar, ordenar; [bed] estirar, arreglar
    More example sentences
    • He has to travel to Bangalore at least once, in order to straighten things out and get his money.
    • I waited until he had gone around the corner before I sat down in his chair and proceeded to organize his desk a little, straightening out a pile of papers here, wiping away a crumb there.
    • He had joined the company as a high-tech troubleshooter, an expert in straightening out these sorts of kinks.


  • 1.1straighten out 2 1.2straighten up 2 1

Phrasal verbs

straighten out

v + o + adv, v + adv + o 1.1 (make straight) [nail/wire] enderezar*, poner* derecho; [bedclothes/tablecloth] estirar 1.2 (sort out, settle) [confusion/misunderstanding] aclarar; [problem] resolver*, arreglar this affair could well straighten itself out es muy probable que este asunto se arregle solo 1.3 [colloquial/familiar] [person] my colleagues straightened me out mis compañeros me lo aclararon or explicaron todo he's going to a therapist to try and straighten himself out se está haciendo una terapia para ver si resuelve sus problemas I'll soon straighten out those bullies! ¡ya los voy a arreglar a esos bravucones! 1.1v + adv [road/river] hacerse* recto; [hair] alisarse, ponerse* lacio

straighten up

v + o + adv, v + adv + o 1.1 (make straight) [picture] enderezar*, poner* derecho he straightened up his tie se enderezó la corbata straighten up your shoulders! ¡ponte derecho! 1.2 (tidy) [room/papers] ordenar, arreglar; [bed] arreglar, estirar I'd better straighten myself up a bit más vale que me arregle un poco to straighten up and fly right (AmE) enmendarse* y seguir* por el buen camino 1.1v + adv 2.1 (stand up straight) [person] ponerse* derecho, enderezarse*; [plant] enderezarse* 2.2 (tidy up) ordenar

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