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American English: /straɪd/
British English: /strʌɪd/

Translation of stride in Spanish:

intransitive verb past tense strode past participle striddenPronunciation: /ˈstrɪdn/ (+ adverb complement)

  • he strode up and down the platform
    iba y venía por el andén dando grandes zancadas
    he came striding down the stairs
    bajó las escaleras a zancadas
    he strode away/off angrily
    se fue furioso, dando grandes zancadas
    she strode purposefully into the room
    entró con aire resuelto en la habitación
    Example sentences
    • Will just gave me a look of such utter wrath and betrayal that I took an involuntary step backwards as he strode towards me.
    • I turned to find Mrs. Abernathy striding down the steps toward us, looking and sounding harassed and more than a little stressed.
    • I strode confidently towards it, until I realised that my steep drive now resembled an ice rink.


  • 1 (long step) in one or a single stride
    de una zancada
    to make (great) strides
    hacer (grandes) progresos
    she's been making great strides toward recovery
    se recupera a pasos agigantados
    Example sentences
    • Then with a couple of strides of that long gait of his, he had made room in behind McKenna and had only one thing in mind.
    • Consider him: at slow or fast-medium, his approach never varied; two short walking paces, six running strides and a four-foot leap.
    • He said nothing, and turned back to continue his stride down the sidewalk.
  • 2 (gait) she walks with a vigorous stride
    camina con paso enérgico
    to get into or hit one's stride
    agarrar or (esp Spain) coger el ritmo
    the campaign is now well in its stride
    la campaña está ya en marcha
    to put or throw somebody off her/his stride
    hacerle perder el ritmo a alguien
    to take something in one's stride
    tomarse algo con calma
    he takes everything in his stride
    se lo toma todo con calma
    Example sentences
    • He did not run, but he walked with a distance-eating stride.
    • Stand with your feet together and step forward with your right, about a long stride's length in front of your left.
    • So I showed them how I walked with the bent-kneed stride of the cattle herder, how I leaned on my staff while talking with my gaze far away as if in search of a straying cow.
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