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Pronunciation: /strəuk/


  • 1 [Sport] 1.1 (in ball games) golpe (m) he won by three strokes ganó por tres golpes
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    • Kirchoff capped a fine game by converting a penalty stroke with two field goals completing the scoring.
    • US goal keeper Jeb Saez saved a penalty stroke late in the game to keep the score at 11-1.
    • But Korea, after missing a penalty stroke, scored three goals but lost by the narrowest of margins.
    1.2 (in swimming — movement) brazada (f); (— style) estilo (m)
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    • Last year I had the luxury of swimming a few strokes backstroke so I could get a good look at the Golden Gate Bridge.
    • This is also an indication of the ability to swim with fewer strokes per lap.
    • When you swim with long strokes you are training all of the muscle mass needed for fast efficient swimming.
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    • Over the years Emily has demonstrated tremendous versatility winning gold medals in all strokes in the regional championships.
    • The torque or rotation in these strokes occurs in the lower torso, hips and legs.
    • For both strokes, you should have extremely good elbow bend-around 90 degrees.
    1.3 (in rowing — movement) palada (f), remada (f); (— leader of crew) cabo (mf) to put sb off her/his stroke hacerle* perder el ritmo (a algn)
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    • The oarsmen rotated their oars at four strokes per half minute and didn't show any signs of fatigue.
    • Canada was rating 48 strokes per minute and Australia was right up there on 45.
    • The 25-year-olds stop in a pool of light, adjust their foot straps, then, as one, lean into their strokes, tearing chunks from the water.
    More example sentences
    • Today Bencsik in stroke took his boat to the lead and for the first half of the race the duo led the field by just over a boat length.
    • Cech in stroke seat had his boat in a two and a half second lead over Germany's number two crew by the 1000.
    • I managed one kick and had to hang on to the stern before hauling myself back into the stroke seat.
  • 2 2.1 (blow) golpe (m) he was given six strokes of the whip le dieron seis latigazos 2.2 (of piston — motion) tiempo (m); (— distance) carrera (f)
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    • On the downward stroke of the piston, the intake valve opens to release fuel into the combustion chamber, then closes.
    • During the filling stroke of the accumulator piston, the compressed fluid is drawn from the primary piston.
    • During the compression stroke, the piston moves up the cylinder, squeezing this fuel-air mix.
    2.3 (of clock) campanada (f) on the stroke of eleven al dar las once
    More example sentences
    • Erik closed the door softly behind him as he entered, but it sounded like the stroke of a clock moments before death.
    • There was a strong stroke and a weak one, like a sound and its echo.
    • A clock chimed in the distance, its final count ending at eleven strokes.
  • 3 3.1 (of thin brush) pincelada (f); (of thick brush) brochazo (m); (of pen, pencil) trazo (m) with a bold stroke of the pen de un plumazo, con un trazo fuerte apply using light, quick strokes aplicar dando ligeros toques 3.2 (oblique, slash) barra (f), diagonal (f)
    More example sentences
    • Look closely at the pencil strokes in this drawing and you will not see one faltering line.
    • Katz's forte is history of ideas, on a grand canvas with bold strokes of broad brushes.
    • I didn't even bother looking up; I just drew faster, making quick violent strokes on the paper.
  • 4 4.1 (action, feat) golpe (m) a stroke of genius una genialidad at a stroke de (un) golpe not to do a stroke of work no hacer* absolutamente nada, no dar* or pegar* golpe [familiar/colloquial] different strokes for different folks sobre gustos no hay nada escrito 4.2 (instance) a stroke of luck un golpe de suerte, una suerte it was a stroke of sheer misfortune fue una verdadera mala suerte
    More example sentences
    • Mullahs accused of teaching friends to read the Qu'ran in Arabic received whippings of 500 strokes or more.
    • The long clipper strokes are called ‘blows’ and this one, over the sheep's throat is the blow that requires the most skill of all.
    • He traps it between his legs, bends over at 90 degrees, and begins 70 to 150 ‘blows’ or strokes with his shears.
  • 5 [Med] ataque (m) de apoplejía, derrame (m) cerebral to have a stroke tener* or sufrir un ataque de apoplejía or un derrame cerebral
    More example sentences
    • The pollution could also restrict their blood flow, causing strokes and heart attacks.
    • By preventing the formation of blood clots it can reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks.
    • More serious risks include life-threatening blood clots, stroke, and heart attack.
  • 6 6.1 (caress) caricia (f) 6.2 [Psych] halago (m)
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    • Run the razor under the shower and then begin with some slow, gentle strokes in an upward motion.
    • Then, using the lightest pressure possible, roll with gentle, overlapping strokes to finish off.
    • For a final time it passed its forearm over the limb and with a gentle stroke of her fur stepped away.

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There are 2 translations of stroke in Spanish:



  • 1.1 (caress) acariciar he stroked her cheek le acarició la mejilla he stroked his beard pensively se mesó la barba pensativamente
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    • Anna sat by the bed, once again, stroking his hair, and she stroked his side too.
    • The first, innocuous shower stroked the lake's surface but, when the wind came up, the loons began to call madly.
    • Imaginary fingers combed through his hair, stroked the side of his face.
    1.2 [Psych] halagar* 1.3 [ball] darle* un golpe suave a
    More example sentences
    • Monaco's players are just stroking the ball around for fun now, with the Chelsea players reduced to chasing shadows.
    • The huge Dutch contingent in the crowd is in fine voice as their players stroke the ball around.
    • For half an hour he had showed himself, through the unhurried ease with which he stroked the ball around, to be a cut above.

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