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American English: /sək/
British English: /sʌk/

Translation of suck in Spanish:

transitive verb

  • 1
    (liquid) (through a straw) sorber
    (vacuum cleaner)
    to suck one's thumb to suck something up
    aspirar algo
    (liquid) (through a straw) sorber algo
    the insect sucks up the nectar
    el insecto chupa or succiona el néctar
    the roots suck (up) moisture out of or from the soil
    las raíces absorben la humedad de la tierra
    the fan sucks smells out of the kitchen
    el ventilador extrae los olores de la cocina
    to suck somebody dry
    exprimir a alguien [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • The pressure was immediately released from his mouth and he sucked in a gulp of air.
    • Hesitantly, I sucked in the smoke drawn through the pipe, holding it in my lungs and feeling the warmth inside of me, before slowly letting it out.
    • By the time the last rows have done their scraping, the beak is completely closed, leaving the algae trimmings to be sucked in during the next chomp.
  • 2 (pull, draw) (+ adverb complement) we don't want to be sucked into a senseless war
    no queremos ser arrastrados a una guerra sin sentido
    she was sucked down or under by the current
    la corriente se la tragó
    Example sentences
    • The lead car displaces the air, creating a vacuum to suck the trailing car along.
    • Before she had a chance to recover, the craft hit another rock and split apart, and Miri was sucked under the surface.
    • Air can be sucked out of the container, creating a vacuum, while the baby's head remains outside the ventilator.

intransitive verb

  • 1
    (vacuum cleaner)
    to suck at something
    (at lollipop/pipe)
    chupar algo
    the baby was sucking at his mother's breast
    el bebé estaba mamando
    to suck on something
    (on pipe/pen)
    chupar algo
    a sucking noise
    un ruido de ventosa
    Example sentences
    • Factors as diverse as skeletal muscle pathology and sucking a digit (thumb or finger) can substantially influence the growth of the face and dentition.
    • You place them between your gum and cheek and suck them slowly.
    • I mean if she had a lollipop in her mouth and started sucking her teeth, I would have thought she was Glamour Girl Sue.
  • 2 (be objectionable) (US) [slang]the movie really sucks
    la película es una mierda [vulgar]


Phrasal verbs

suck in

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
1 (draw in)
we must avoid getting sucked in
debemos evitar vernos arrastrados or involucrados
2 (dupe) (US) [slang]to get sucked in
dejarse engañar

suck off

[vulgar] verb + object + adverb
chupar [vulgar]
mamar [vulgar]

suck up to

verb + adverb + preposition + object
lamerle el culo a [vulgar]
hacerle la pelota a (Spain) [colloquial]
chuparle las medias a (Río de la Plata) [colloquial]
hacerle la barba a (Mexico) [colloquial]
hacerle la pata a (Chile) [colloquial]
lambonear (Colombia) [colloquial]
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