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American English: /səˈplaɪ/
British English: /səˈplʌɪ/

Translation of supply in Spanish:

noun plural supplies

  • 1 uncountable (provision) the supply of goods and services
    el suministro or la provisión de productos y servicios
    the law of supply and demand to cut off the water/electricity supply
    cortar el suministro de agua/electricidad
    the supply of blood to the brain
    el riego sanguíneo del cerebro
    (before noun) (route/ship)
    de abastecimiento
    Example sentences
    • It would depend on the supply of stocks available and how many targets they have to hit.
    • Yesterday my neighbours made an extra trip to the supermarket, stocking up on extra supplies of bottled water and canned food, ‘just in case the worst happens’.
    • He added that while the store had ordered extra supplies of bottled water, he had not seen any other unusual related sales trends.
    Example sentences
    • We know that producers will offer more supply at a higher price than a lower price, and we know that more consumers will buy more at a lower price than a higher price.
    • In the short term, at least, demand for service is far outpacing supply.
    • He believes that fewer apartments will now be built in areas with a surplus of supply.
  • 2 (stock, store) food supplies are running low
    se están agotando las provisiones or los víveres or (Military) los pertrechos
    we need fresh supplies of paper
    tenemos que pedir una nueva remesa de papel
    tenemos que renovar las existencias de papel
    you'll need a good supply of books
    te hará falta una buena cantidad de libros
    we only have a month's supply of coal left
    solo nos queda carbón para un mes
    las existencias de carbón solo van a durar un mes
    el estoc de carbón solo va a durar un mes
    office supplies
    material (masculine) de oficina
    artículos (masculine plural) de oficina
    she has an endless supply of patience/jokes
    tiene una paciencia inagotable/un repertorio interminable de chistes
    to be in short supply sugar was in short supply
    escaseaba el azúcar
    había escasez de azúcar
    Example sentences
    • All necessary injection equipment and supplies are provided for each client in an injection room, as well as the means for disposal.
    • The bulk of USASOC's planning is making sure the right people with the right equipment and necessary supplies are at the right place at the right time.
    • There are too few phone lines, my medical records are in boxes, and all but the most necessary equipment and supplies are in storage.

transitive verb supplies, supplying, supplied

  • 1 1.1 (provide, furnish)
    abastecer or proveer de
    they supply machinery to the industry
    proveen de or suministran maquinaria a la industria
    you cook and I'll supply the wine
    tú haces la comida y yo pongo el vino
    Rupert supplied the comic relief
    Rupert dio or aportó el toque humorístico que relajó la tensión
    Example sentences
    • The crux of the matter is the lack of information supplied by the company, analysts said.
    • Horne pointed out that the test's publishers supplied the only research available on the test.
    • Buckets for daffodils are available if you can supply daffodils.
    to supply somebody with something
    (with equipment)
    proveer a alguien de algo
    abastecer a alguien de algo
    suministrarle algo a alguien
    (with information)
    facilitarle or proporcionarle algo a alguien
    they supplied us with everything we needed they supply us with the raw materials
    nos abastecen or proveen de materia prima
    nos suministran la materia prima
    we can supply you with glasses for your party
    podemos facilitarle or proporcionarle las copas para su fiesta
    to supply the army with provisions
    suministrar provisiones al ejército
    aprovisionar al ejército
    they are not supplied with running water
    no tienen suministro de agua corriente
    Example sentences
    • It is as if by divine providence that I am supplied educational material just when I need it the most.
    • You could also help us by monetary contributions, or by supplying us postal stamps which we can use to send the book to more and more people.
    • The inactive passers-by will hopefully have made a contribution by supplying the police with good descriptions of the raiders.
  • 2 (meet) [formal]
    to supply the shortfall
    reparar el déficit
    Example sentences
    • Three thousand donations are required weekly to supply the demand.
    • In the last three years there has been a 30 per cent increase in potting efforts, with virtually the entire local fleet now supplying the demand of processors in France, Spain and Ireland.
    • What's going on here is a seemingly great solution for supplying a demand.
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